Sunday, 15 August 2010

AsToldByBondi: Breaking of a new dawn

AsToldByBondi: Breaking of a new dawn: "As I sat and read the updates about the flood in Pakistan and how critical and heart-wrenching the situation was, I couldn't help but be gra..."

...And came joy

Some time ago, a friend of mine had an emotional breakdown, not the kind you get from relationships but those kinds that could make you contemplate living. As I sat and watched her cry on the bed, I wished for the right words to come to mind but I was blank. I kept rummaging through my brain telling myself to think hard and say something comforting but I just couldn’t get my brain to respond. Now there are so many things I want to tell her and I know she's reading this blog so here it goes:
Life unexpectedly throws darts at us, some dodge and some don’t. Life isn’t smooth; no one ever said it would be, just like a rose bush, such a beautiful flower yet with thorns underneath. Life knocks us down but it’s up to you to get back on your feet or stay there on the floor.  I know you’re going through a phrase but it would get better because no condition is permanent. Nobody feels your pain but you and it’s there to make you grow stronger. And no matter how tough the situation seems at the moment, it is gonna get better because that’s life for you, stormy today, sunny tomorrow.
There are sometimes when you feel you’ve had it with life’s troubles but sorrow doesn’t last, joy comes in the morning. You may be suffocating now, where you are but comes a time when you will breathe in life refreshingly with a smile plastered on your face and not a worry in place so take life’s burden as they come because one day you would be free.

Breaking of a new dawn

As I sat and read the updates about the flood in Pakistan and how critical and heart-wrenching the situation was, I couldn't help but be grateful for my life and where I am right now. Too many times, I've been unhappy and discontent with life, for what reason? probably cause I felt too fat or thought I wasn't pretty enough. We complain about the little unnecessary things, we feel nobody loves us so we take a razor and slit our wrists, we think our lives are messed up so we take drugs and wake up in different beds every day. if you think your life is messed up think twice, you go to bed and you wake up the next day, house intact, food on the table and clothes on our body and even enough money to buy the drugs u take but those Pakistanis went to bed with all hope in their eyes of waking up the next day to go to the farm or to the market and where did some find themselves? buried under the gushing water of the river, drowning and fighting for their lives, tears streaming down their faces as they watched their loved ones being swept away by the flood while clinging unto whatever means of survival they could find and you sit on your comfortable bed, it may not be comfortable but you can sit on DRY land and open your mouth to complain?
I wonder how fed up God is sometimes of hearing us complain. He has put you where He knows is best for you but you don't see it and you never will if every word from your mouth is a complaint. You think you have nothing to live for but you do, you have every right to live and every right to smile just for the fact that you saw the breaking of a brand new day; many would have loved to see that but they didn't get to, many would love to walk again even if for a split second, yet you have these incredible two things that carry you around and you complain of ''yams'', many would love to see the beautiful disaster of the world, you have two working eyes and you can still open your mouths to complain about them being bulgy, MANY and I mean A LOT would kill to have a sip of that sparkling water you're drinking but you can afford to complain about being fed up of water and the desire to have juice instead. It's sad, really sad.
You need to be thankful for the things you have, no matter how little they are because there are people out there who would kill to be in your position, so what if your legs are fat? stand solidly, so what if your eyes are bulging and big, you can see way more than others, so what if you have a big nose? breathe in life. Don't be an ingrate remember those who have no choice. I've sworn to always wake up with a smile on my face and make sure it never gets out of place and always be grateful for my blemishes, scars and flaws, it's high time you do the same.

Friday, 13 August 2010

AsToldByBondi: Sex

AsToldByBondi: Sex: "Every parents nightmare.... every girls fantasy... every boys hobby. What is sex though? that pleasurable moment? the climax? the foreplay? ..."


Every parents nightmare.... every girls fantasy... every boys hobby. What is sex though? that pleasurable moment? the climax? the foreplay? the aftermath? that intense moment in which your bodies flow in rhythm together and you absorb the scent and sweat of each other?  I think sex is overrated no scratch that, teenage sex is overrated. Everyone wants to try it; boys looking for ways to lure girls into bed just for the pleasure of it, some because they want to share that special thing with you and others because they cant control their hormones. I once read in a book '' I kissed Dating Goodbye'' that ''Intimacy without commitment is like icing without a cake though sweet it makes us sick in the end'' Lets take sex for our intimacy and commitment as commitment. We all want to enjoy the fine things of life and by fine things I do mean sex, but no one wants to take responsibilities for their actions.
Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, Boy falls in lust. He's in it for the pleasure, what are you in it for? What happens when the condom breaks or the pills fail? would he still stand by you through those nine months or drag you by your wrist  to the hospital for an abortion? There's gonna be the pressure for sex in every relationship, but if you are not ready do not force yourself. If he leaves you, you know exactly what to do, move on with your life and look for someone who's gonna wait for you.Just cause ''everyone'' is doing it doesn't mean you should leave your comfort zone to do it, if you've got principles stick to them and be faithful it pays off. And the next time you want to get intimate think twice, his five minutes of fun hold a nine month consequence and a life time mistake. Don't be foolish, sex isn't a trending fashion fab and even if it is be unique and wait till you're ready!!!! Don't be a reckless abandon!