Sunday, 15 August 2010

...And came joy

Some time ago, a friend of mine had an emotional breakdown, not the kind you get from relationships but those kinds that could make you contemplate living. As I sat and watched her cry on the bed, I wished for the right words to come to mind but I was blank. I kept rummaging through my brain telling myself to think hard and say something comforting but I just couldn’t get my brain to respond. Now there are so many things I want to tell her and I know she's reading this blog so here it goes:
Life unexpectedly throws darts at us, some dodge and some don’t. Life isn’t smooth; no one ever said it would be, just like a rose bush, such a beautiful flower yet with thorns underneath. Life knocks us down but it’s up to you to get back on your feet or stay there on the floor.  I know you’re going through a phrase but it would get better because no condition is permanent. Nobody feels your pain but you and it’s there to make you grow stronger. And no matter how tough the situation seems at the moment, it is gonna get better because that’s life for you, stormy today, sunny tomorrow.
There are sometimes when you feel you’ve had it with life’s troubles but sorrow doesn’t last, joy comes in the morning. You may be suffocating now, where you are but comes a time when you will breathe in life refreshingly with a smile plastered on your face and not a worry in place so take life’s burden as they come because one day you would be free.

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