Friday, 13 August 2010


Every parents nightmare.... every girls fantasy... every boys hobby. What is sex though? that pleasurable moment? the climax? the foreplay? the aftermath? that intense moment in which your bodies flow in rhythm together and you absorb the scent and sweat of each other?  I think sex is overrated no scratch that, teenage sex is overrated. Everyone wants to try it; boys looking for ways to lure girls into bed just for the pleasure of it, some because they want to share that special thing with you and others because they cant control their hormones. I once read in a book '' I kissed Dating Goodbye'' that ''Intimacy without commitment is like icing without a cake though sweet it makes us sick in the end'' Lets take sex for our intimacy and commitment as commitment. We all want to enjoy the fine things of life and by fine things I do mean sex, but no one wants to take responsibilities for their actions.
Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, Boy falls in lust. He's in it for the pleasure, what are you in it for? What happens when the condom breaks or the pills fail? would he still stand by you through those nine months or drag you by your wrist  to the hospital for an abortion? There's gonna be the pressure for sex in every relationship, but if you are not ready do not force yourself. If he leaves you, you know exactly what to do, move on with your life and look for someone who's gonna wait for you.Just cause ''everyone'' is doing it doesn't mean you should leave your comfort zone to do it, if you've got principles stick to them and be faithful it pays off. And the next time you want to get intimate think twice, his five minutes of fun hold a nine month consequence and a life time mistake. Don't be foolish, sex isn't a trending fashion fab and even if it is be unique and wait till you're ready!!!! Don't be a reckless abandon!


  1. bravo..well said Bondi, it touches places of the heart not seen.

  2. Awww i love this someone finally believes in what i believe in , please tell them o :D
    Ronke :)

  3. Ok! this is brilliant and its absolute truth. though we neva learn..