Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Journey through Life

At 1, I enjoyed the admirable stares from my parents, a blessing had been brought into the house
At 5, I got told off for stealing an extra meat from the pot,
At 7, I got bullied in primary school,
At 8, I learnt to stand up for myself,
At 9, I wanted to be a model, an ambition sooo laughed at :(
At 10, I was assigned the responsibility of doing the dishes and cleaning the house
At 13, the mood swings started and so also the unnecessary desire to ''belong'' and said my first swear word :o
At 14, I took a wrong turn, made the wrong friends, said the wrong things did the wrong things and looked the wrong way away from God
At 15, my first kiss hehe and then the challenges of teenage hood started, there was the peer pressure and there were the irresponsible decisions.
At 16,  I got into alot of trouble and got warned!
At 17, the coonsequences of my decisions came crashing in my face and the i was told to start taking responsibilities for my actions
at 18, i grew up

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