Saturday, 4 December 2010

♥ A brighter day ♥

Sorrow doesn't last a day, 
  even when things aren't going your way
And when tears stream down your face
  take yourself to a happy place 
And even when times change
  don't lock your emotions in a cage
Life may not go smooth as a rhyme
  but remember to take things one step at a time
And when your troubled nd ur heart beats fast
  believe me it's not gonna last
And if you once gave your heart
  and got it torn apart
Don't you dare mourn
  soon the tables would turn 
The road of life isn't straight
  but leave it all to fate
One day it will be a different story
  full of joy, happiness and glory, 
No matter how much the pain may be today, 
  there would come a day when the sun shall shine on your rubble 

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