Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kisses & Roses

The fact that I love you isn't a fact to suppose, 
It's worth more than a kiss, a ring or a rose, 
Put ur hand on my chest feel my heartbeat fast, 
Without you even a second is too much 4 me to last, 
You run thru my mind so i cant think straight, 
You twist my emotions turn around my fate, 
With you I'm a whole number, without you im a fraction, 
I cant see anything else cos ur my maximum attraction, 
Kisses heal wounds, roses suit the heart, 
My heart is stuck to urs so nothing will tear us apart, 
I don't make resolutions but i just took an oath, 
That if blood is thicker than water, our love would be thicker than both, 
This is so perfectly written as if culled from a song, 
But these are real feelings that can never be wrong, 
If i could turn my love to water, quarter of it would be the Atlantic, 
I cud change for u and channel my feelings towards being romantic, 
I was born because u were my reason: destined for this path, 
I don't need a curriculum to know ure part of my math, 
Its never by power, ability, wealth or might, 
But its so suprising to know it was love at first sight, 
Kisses & Roses may be gifts to appreciate, 
But our exchange of hearts show the world we create, 
Songs don't last poetics aren't divine, 
And words cant express what i feel to know ur mine
I may be termed a fool but ur love makes me clever, 
Clever to the extent i know ur mine forever, 
We're BFFs so no need to show, 
What's inside is obvious: i love u and i guess u shud already know, 
When i was sick u were the only thing my doctor prescribed, 
He cudnt tell me how 2 but just to love you he described, 
I'll settle down 4 nothing less cos ur d best, 
Thank heavens for what we've been through at least i can die now knowing my soul can rest!

**Dedicated to Vino**