Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Oooh yeah!!! it's the love month! and the lovers day is slowly approaching, I see ladies going to the spa getting ready, I hear reservations being made in top notch restaurants, I see men going to the shops wouldn't be going to on a normal day; (coff coff LASENZA hehe). I see florist trying to get the perfect flower arrangement for that day, tailors sewing in only red, decorations being put up in shop displays and all that. Cupid's gonna see the outcome of his work that day, for those who have come thus far and those who fell out along the way, those dressing up and going out and those curling up on the sofa with ice cream and movies ( shout out to us single ladies!!!!!!) and those lucky ones who will find love that day!

Whatever the event is that day, valentines is all about love, not sex, money, pleasure or whatever it is that people think valentines day is for them. It's love!!! so love that day because you can! feel the love in the atmosphere, it don't matter if your heart was broken some days before valz, shake it off, drink it up and love with all you've got, cause it would totally suck to be down on valentines day. Break the rules! wear a smile! put on make up even if Ur gonna be home all day, spritz on Ur best perfume, flirt if U like, if U dont want to go out chill at home, pop a bottle, treat urself to chocolates, forget sugar levels or diets, if u wanna go out wear Ur best heels, dance all night, be d last on the dancefloor whatever you do, do it with love but don't let this day full of love pass U by!


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  1. Valentine...champagne...rose...chocolates....oooh the most romantic night in the year, atleast it should be