Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Out of the deep hurt of my heart I write out these words
See I've been pushed up against the wall,
I've had my abilities undermined that i eventually began to lose hope in myself, 
Yelled at soo many times; sometimes when i listen hard i can still hear the words that were selectively shouted at me, 
There were days when I lay on the cold floor of the bathroom and cried my eyes out,
Days when I rocked myself to sleep and woke up
In cold sweats,
Days when I was terrified to get out of bed,
Knowing that when I later returned to it; it would be with swollen eyes and an empty heart,
I've walked around for so long with tears in my eyes,
Forcing myself to smile just to avoid the question ‘’what’s wrong?’’
What I never knew was talking to someone would actually help,

I have hurt……………but now I’m healed;
I looked the devil square in the eye and stuck my tongue at him,
I defeated him,
I've picked myself from the floor and wiped my tears,
Today I walk tall, head held high with the brightest of smiles on my face,
You can’t tell me sh*t because I've been there, done that.
Happiness comes from within, I can testify that.
Everyone thinks that I have it all, no one ever really looks beyond what they see,
And I’m not going to give them a reason to,
I’m not a straight A student but I'm not dumb,
I’m not the prettiest girl in the world but I’m still admired,
No I don’t have it all but I have something worth smiling for.
Life would throw all sorts of darts at you;
You can dance in the rain with me or let your tears flow with the rain drops,
Either ways happiness is a choice,
My life doesn’t feel so empty anymore; choosing happiness wasn’t the easiest choice but it sure as hell is the best choice I've made.
His words tore my heart and she broke me with every comparison, they never knew they did that and I wouldn’t make them feel guilty,
For what it’s worth they’ve made me the strong person that I am today and will be tomorrow and forever.
And every day I open my eyes, there is that assurance that God is holding my hand as I take every little step.

''You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices. Or you can fight back.Things aren't always going to be fair in the real world.That's just the way it is.But for the most part, you get what you give. The rest of your life is being shaped right now; with the dreams you chase, the choices you make and the person that you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time. And the rest of your life starts now''
                                                                           Haley James Scott
Life kicks you around sometimes, it scares you and it beats you up, but there's one day when you realize you're not just a survivor; you're a fighter. You're tougher than anything life throws your way. 

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