Saturday, 26 March 2011


Trapped… that’s how she feels in this world
A voice in her is crying out,
The tears are burning her eyes,
Her heart is aching,
If only there was one who knew how she felt
She just wants to run,
Run from her thoughts, run from the world
But there's no place for her to run to
She just wants to lie in the dark and let the tears flow
But she’ll rather put on a brave face
And smile even though that’s the last thing she wants to do
She’s given her shoulders to the world to lean on
But now the world is weighing her down
Shes wiped soo many tears yet no one has wiped hers
She has rushed to the aid of soo many
Yet no one has rushed to her side
She stands alone in this world even though she’s surrounded by soo many
For once if she just didn’t have to pretend that all is well
Cause she is running out of strength to stay happy
Soon she’ll drown in her problems
Will it be too late?
She keeps wondering what shes done to deserve this
She just wants to run away
Her ship is sinking,
All shes done is try to help others,
Yet everything she touches keep tumbling down
Everything comes crashing down on her
She just wants to start again
Undo all her mistakes and get through life
Her best intentions keep making a mess of things
Life isn’t fair; all she wants to do is get it right  

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