Saturday, 9 April 2011

Azubah you live on forever ♥

The red light blinking on my phone
Says a message awaits me
Little do I know that it’s a message of death                                           
The words read ‘’Azubah is dead’’
The loudest scream escapes from my mouth,
Hear the agony, the pain,
First a tear drop, then a second and then comes the flood,
Just on the wall opposite me is the last picture of us on graduation day,
Everyone all smiles to be relieved from secondary school; me, her,  Adaeze and Jummai and then another of Plangnan, Chomo, Jummai, Azubah and I  
How could she be dead? How could she be gone so soon?
Just yesterday she tweeted and updated her bbm status.
Please be a prank I desperately pleaded.
More confirmations poured in on her death
My body violently shaking as I cry
Sobbing out my heart to the loss of the beautiful and strong Azubah,
She didn’t have it easy but she never let that get her down,
Her smile and those chubby cheeks; God!!!
How could such a rare gem like her be snatched from the world?
I picked up my Bible, the question ‘’why God?’’ could not be avoided now, why her? And then I come across my slum , her parting words to me were this ‘’ do you know the saddest part of this grad is the fact that when we grad we won’t be lucky to see each other again till the day you hear I’m married and who knows maybe I would even be dead. Sha just remember that I would always love and cherish you’’ had she known that indeed this would come to pass
But Azubah, you may be dead physically but you live on forever in my memories. I remember our junior days when we were the supposedly bad girls in our set for having boyfriends LOL and tablemates for almost five years! We really did share memories on that table
And NISSMUN when we were roommates, boy I loved those nights we had gisting and dressing each other up
And on visiting days when we would go to the Akpoko’s and have our little picnic.
You danced with passion, painted with passion and did everything with dedication. A faithful friend; rarely caught in our high school drama. Sometimes I felt you were too matured to be our age; you were such a unique person!
We really did have our moments together both good and bad and I will cherish those memories forever.
God knows best my love and I pray that as you look down on us mourning your departure you will truly be convinced that we love you and we miss you and one day we will be joined together in heaven in bliss.
I love you A.Z and I always will.

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