Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Ever felt stuck? Like you're trying to move on but you just can’t move from the place where you are? The feeling sucks, especially when no one understands how you feel and you don’t exactly have the right words to explain yourself or worse when you don’t want to explain yourself and expect at least one person to understand how you feel but no one does, so you want to scream out loud at the top of your voice, or smash something, or just cry yourself to bed but sometimes  none of those options are available so you bottle up your feelings and let them weigh you down like you’ve got the weight of the world on your chest and then you wear the brightest smile every day and laugh the loudest and be the life of the party because well no one can see what you’re going through, you can’t explain it and you can’t get over it… ah well life really doesn’t suck doesn’t it? I mean it’s the 21st century you would think Apple would have created an app to deal with this sort of situation; I still don’t know the name for ‘this’ but I think it’s a disease. I think as the years go by, the value of friendship decreases, it aint what it used to be in those days (not like I was alive then) but I am old fashioned, I believe in true love and true friendship. When you’re usually the one being the life of the party and backbone to your friends, it wouldn’t kill to at least have them ask you once in a while if you're okay… it doesn’t kill. With social networks these days, friendship and love have lost their meaning, everything is at surface level, no one goes deeper any more, everyone is fine with the way things are but I'm not. LOL I'm rambling here but blame it on the insomnia, 3:16 a.m. and a Negress can’t sleep. I know not all my readers are Christians but most times when I do feel stuck I recite Psalm 34:18 over and over again to myself till I believe it ‘’The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit’’. Cliché as it may sound time does heal wounds and things would eventually get better. Sorrow doesn’t last a night, so I expect joy in the morning whenever I do wake up.And when next you feel depressed, follow my motto: earphones in, volume up, ignore the world. Bless

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