Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Woman's Worth

A woman's worth
All day long I couldn't stop singing Alicia Key's A woman's worth in my head and I got motivated to write on it. A woman's worth.... If you're reading this and you happen to a woman can you say you know your worth? Or are you settling for less? A real man can't deny a woman's worth (Alicia Keys), I couldn't have said it better. I know this particular friend who is dating the perfect definition of a douche bag who constantly feeds off her vulnerability and has brought more hurt in their short period together than in someone's lifetime (I'm only exaggerating by the way but he does treat her like shit) and it kills me more than ever that she doesn't know she deserves better or she probably does bt has has placed herself at a low worth, I can never tell. Even so, no woman should have a low self esteem, in my own eyes every woman is a superwoman, we are nurturing, loving,versatile, I mean we go through labour, we someday become mothers and employees/employers, juggling home life, our relationships and our careers; there's a reason why God gave us that role and not men. We are also awesome multi taskers, go watch " I don't know how she does it ", it's a man's world but it would mean absolutely nothing without a woman or a girl in it. If you think that wAy, you wouldn't let any man make you feel less. I also know just how desperate women are for relationships and love and it works out to our disadvantage Nd to the advantage of the boys (yup I said boys cause no man would treat a real woman like garbage) , they just feed their ego with your desperation and then leave you feeling worse about yourself. Sometimes they start out good, and then gbam! He changes, endless excuses, non stop arguing, constant lies, probably even cheating and you find yourself more unhappy in the relationship than you would have felt if you were single. Any man who values your worth would never let the flame go out but constantly be on the pursuit for your happiness. Let's face it no relationship is perfect, of course you'd fall out once in a while so don't go and walk out of the relationship when you could have fixed it and then blame innocent me and this article, i no dey oh. There's a certain quote that goes 'treat your woman right or someone else would' I might have remixed it but you get the point, bear that in mind if you feel neglected in a relationship. I'm not single because I don't have offers or people but I know my worth and I can't let some boy-turned-man overnight waltz into my life and turn it upside down for me, nope nada not in this lifetime. I do believe in fairy tales you know, I believe that there's a perfect prince charming for every girl, who do just about anything to make her happy but first....do you know your worth? Know ur worth so you don't get less than the best and until you find a real man who knows and values your worth, you can proudly say 'I'm single, sassy and satisfied'. Triple S effect baby. 

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