Monday, 21 November 2011

Woman of Inspiration

She’s beautiful, She’s sweet, She’s crazy, She’s fun and She’s successful, if you don’t know her by the end of this article you damn right will. She’s the one and only Tyra Banks. I’m not here to write a biography of her for you, I’m just here to sing her praises.
I have adored and loved this woman from tender age, I remember telling people I wanted to be a supermodel like Tyra Banks but that didn’t work out, and then the Tyra Banks show came out and I said I wanted a TV show as well, don’t worry I’m not some crazy stalker Tyra wanna be. She’s phenomenal, she’s advised and changed the lives of many through her TV show and her programme; America’s next top model. You hear her story and you know she’s not a quitter, rejected by modelling agencies, ridiculed for her glamorous big forehead but wasn’t broken neither was she discouraged, she persevered because she had a dream in her heart and she’s achieved it, is achieving it and will continue to achieve it. Each time I watch her on ANTM, I’m in awe and one day I said to myself, I may not be a supermodel but it’s too soon to say I won’t have my own TV show but even if that doesn’t happen, I know this for sure, I wanna leave my footprint behind; I wanna make people’s dreams come alive mostly cause I couldn’t have all of mine, I wanna change lives and bring happiness to the people who think they don’t deserve it and I want to be Tyra’s successor :D (wishful thinking).
Of course she’s not perfect, no one is, but she has accepted her imperfection and used what God has blessed her with and that makes her a beautiful imperfection. Keep doing what you do Tyra. I couldn’t have picked a better woman of inspiration. Who’s yours?

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