Thursday, 1 December 2011

Affordable Fashion? I Think so

Ahhhh Fashionista, weren't you just happy when Versace did a collection for H&M? Y'all sure did express your love for fashion by making the collection sell out in 24 hours, well done! Then some days later, Rumour had it Tom Ford might be going in that direction, hmmmmmmn to cop an item from that sexy hunk ooh la la.

Now i heard through the grapevine that Marni, the Italian designer would be designing for H&M as well, if you don't believe me go check the Vogue website -_-. Set to be launched for March 8th 2012, y'all better pray the world doesn't end 2012 as some of you think it might :p. Get ready to camp out once again for the Marni H&M Collection.

Bless the designers for making fashion affordable to everyone, well now you get to save up since it's 4 months away. See the full collection here

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