Sunday, 30 December 2012

Memoirs of A Mistress

And every night while I lay to rest, I stayed awake and thought to myself
Did he really love me or was I just a recreational activity?
Did I want to be his mistress forever?
I only wanted to be his, I never stopped to think
Not for one second about the consequences
I never meant to cause any harm
I never meant to live a lie
No I never meant to be selfish
But for so long I never got my way
And as I sit here and try to justify my actions
Even I don't feel right

Did I enjoy the thrill of sneaking around
Damn sure I did, it was the very thing that kept me going
But after all was said and done
He still stood up and he left me
Left me all alone with the sins we committed
And no matter how hard I scrubbed
Or soaked or exfoliated, there was that little stain
That stubborn stain that tormented me
Reminded me I would always be the other woman

I only wanted him in my bed each night
To lay with me, be with me, hold me
Feel his kisses, feel his touch, feel him
I just didn't want to be his dirty little secret
I don't want to share him I just want to be the only one
I love him but he loves her
I wonder did she know?
Did she know he gave her love away?
Shared it with a woman in a downtown motel
When she looked in his eyes could she tell?
Did she stay up at night and think as I did
Did she feel worthless like I did
Cause when I look in the mirror
All I see is what I am; the other woman

Friday, 28 December 2012

What are you so scared of?

I recently had to endure listening to a friend complaining about the single life and how she really wanted to be in a relationship *sigh* so I'm dedicating this post to her.

I wonder why people think relationships are glamorous, it takes real hard work and commitment you know, and tolerance, patience, communication, endurance, compromise, the list could go on and on. Don't let Tumblr deceive you. Sure there would be roses and forehead kisses and PDAs but that's just one part of the package.

I could introduce you to married people who say their single days were the best days of their lives. When you're in a relationship there's no I or Me, it's two of you now, or three if you count that one persistent girl trying to screw things up. But your single days? that's all you baby. Your shot to be greedy, to do things for yourself, to be irresponsible, to discover who you really are; that kinda makes being in a relationship better. Discover the world, travel around, find out your talents, what you're not so good at, work on those bad habits. And since most of us are in Uni right now, face your damn books! Learn to be on your own, be independent. Stop jumping from one relationship to another, why are you so scared of being on your own for a little while? Take yourself on dates; contrary to popular belief IT IS NOT SAD! just like it takes a man really confident of his sexuality to wear pink, it takes just as much confidence to have lunch or see a movie on your own. The best relationship one could ever have is with oneself. And when you've loved yourself the best way that you can, you discover your worth and settle for nothing less.

I promise you when you're done living the single life, being in a relationship gets better. Then we would have less "in a relationship, but acting single" people around the world. I'm gonna leave you with two quotes

You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself. The single relationship that is truly central and crucial in a life is the relationship to the self. Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never lose." 
- Jo Courdert

and  from my very favourite

Don't forget to fall in love with yourself first 
- Carrie Bradshaw


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

P.S my bestfriend isn't talking to me cause of this video. Buahhhahahahah

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Masterpiece of Imperfections

The one thing every girl struggles with at one point in her life or the other is her appearance; If I was only a bit taller, If I weighed just a little less, If only I had that smile... Have I struggled with the way I look? Yes, still do sometimes but my devotions today was exactly what I needed to hear.

It was a simple message; I am God's masterpiece. Joel Osteen said we need to start seeing ourselves as the masterpiece God created us to be. If He wanted you to be shorter or taller or lighter in complexion He would have made you that way. But you came with your flaws and all, and those people you secretly admire have their flaws as well, probably worse than yours. It's all in the way you carry yourself. It doesn't matter what others say about you; truth is people reflect what you give them. If you carry yourself in an inferior manner then they are going to treat you that way. Just cause you're shorter or fatter than the rest doesn't mean anything. What you lack in physique you make up for in personality.

That said, It's not the easiest thing to accept either, not when everyone around you looks like they walked off the Fashion Week runway. So start a little ritual, have a post it note or notes around reminding you just how beautiful you are. Tell yourself that every morning before you go out "I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am a Masterpiece of God. I am beautiful on the inside and the outside". If you think it and you breathe life into it by saying it out loud eventually you would believe it. Most importantly stay humble, being self confident doesn't mean you are better than any one else it just means you believe you're not less than anyone else.

True beauty isn't the make up you have on or the clothes and accessories. True beauty radiates from the inside

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical
         -Sophia Loren

There is nothing more attractive than confidence. Once you see your beauty so will everyone else

Stay true to you, stay bea-you-tiful.


Zayyad's Surprise Dinner

Zayyad didn't want to celebrate his birthday. Of course we couldn't let that happen so we organised him a surprise dinner which he truly loved (if he didn't then he's a better actor than I thought). Anyways I love my bestfriend so much I can't even explain it. Just wanted to share the pictures with you lots.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A moment of silence

My heart goes out to the families of the little kids who lost their lives in the Connecticut shooting. There isn't a lot that can be said or done to bring them back but we can pray for them. For their souls to rest in peace and for God to be a source of comfort to the families especially the mothers. It's not easy losing a child of yours; father or mother, it's just not easy.

I personally don't know what to say about the shooter, I have no anger left in me at who could do such a thing so I've prayed for justice to be done on their behalf. Life is unpredictable and short, this just shows that you're time could be up any day any time, regardless of your age. I hope those reading this can take a moment to be thankful for the gift of life... it's such a priceless gift that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Thursday, 13 December 2012


I love this song so much but this is my favourite cover of the song. Such a strong message. Hope you like it xxx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

7) Sarah Kigozi

I only met Sarah this year when I transferred to University of Westminster and judging by the short period that I've known her, I know she's going to do wonders in the world. She's the bubbly petite girl on the cheerleading squad but she's more than that...

Before I met Sarah I had this obsession for babies (still do), but you know those really adorable baby pictures you see on tumblr or people's display picture and can't help but steal and then fantasize about having a cute one of yours someday... well one fateful evening Sarah and I were studying; she's my study partner and I was going on and on about wanting an adorable baby and she said to me "well what if you get a disabled child?" and added on about how it isn't always the beauty I should pray for but also the health of the baby. Changed my view that day and I only started praying for a healthy baby. Thing is we all want cute adorable babies but the real challenge is what happens when we have a disabled child instead. It takes alot of courage, faith and time to love them just as much as you would have loved that tumblr baby.

Sarah has dedicated her time and passion to working with a disabled children's charity called Bernado's. Her life plans revolve around working with this kids to give them a better life, supporting them, nurturing them and even educating them. She hopes to change the lives of such kids in Uganda; her home town someday and not just there but the world. She's going to do amazing things on behalf of those kids because she has a passion for that, to love and cherish them like any other child.  I wouldn't be surprised if she owned her own charity someday because that's where she's headed.

Susan Hampshire once said "it's a lonely existence to be a child with a disability which no one can see or understand..." but with people like Sarah Kigozi in the world I believe that kids out there would be less lonely because she is a guardian angel for them. 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Let Go

I was having my devotions and saw this. I just had to share because it spoke soo much to me. Hope it does for you too

... You must not use the past as an excuse. You must refuse to blame your past for your present or let it ruin your future. You can never relive your past. You can't go back and make it different. You are not the person you were then an you are never going to be that person again. You can't go back into your mothers womb... Your past is past. Accept that fact; dismiss what used to be; and move on. Let go of anything that is holding you back, slowing you down, or keeping you all bound up inside... There is more ahead of you than there is behind you. Let go and move on
Don't judge yourself by others' standards... Have your own
And don't get caught up into the trap of changing yourself to fit the world,
The world has to change to fit you.
And if you stick to your principles, values and morals long enough, it will.
Berry Gordy

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

All Ye Holy

Random ranting moment:
I have had it till here (touches chin) with all the negative judgemental comments being made about girls who sleep around. Yes I'm focusing on girls because no one ever addresses the boys. I mean who are you to judge? Keep talking shit about how guys are going to want the virgins later in the future. Oh hello I didn't know you had been appointed the spokesman for ALL MEN! And why are you judging in the first place? can we examine your life and see that it is spotless? That you've never lied? or cheated in a test or even had one brief moment of lustful thoughts hmmmm?

I ain't even trying to justify their lifestyle here but they chose theirs and you chose yours, we all know that you live with the choices you make. If you're angry they are getting some well why don't you get yours? But don't sit behind your laptops or phones and go about tweeting or talking trash about them. And if you want them to live a better life then judging them isn't the right way to go about it. Live by example people.

P.s No one is perfect. We all sin, just cause you ain't fornicating don't mean you're not committing any other form of sin. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone. Can we please leave the judging to God? Thank you.

Monday, 3 December 2012

This Christmas

Hey y'all,
So we in december now and I'm mad excited. My favourite season, christmas with the family has always been one adventurous journey after the other. Sadly this is going to be my first christmas away from home. Can't say that I'm happy. I'm going to miss the family house and my extra large family (note never ask me how many we are in my family cause I don't even know). Anyways we usually go back to the village and have a 2-3 days never ending party, from barbecues to dinners to random dance competitions in the compound with our very own Marghi John Legend, Kuchi (some of you know him), never a glamourous time for us girls who are working all day and night non stop but hey as long as we're with family it's the best period. Not going to lie and say I'm going to miss cooking for about 100 people every day though but I'm going to miss the arguments, jokes, grumping about, juicy gossips and laughters.

Yeah I know it isn't close to Christmas yet but I just watched This Christmas and it made me cry; yeah I'm a cry baby for movies, some of you already know that. Oh wells this is my favourite scene, apart from the scene when Lisa whooped Malcom's ass for cheating on her (Future Husband be warned). Anyways is there anything better than family?

P.s My Christmas wishlist is coming soon, watch out for it :D

Saturday, 1 December 2012

6) Kyrian Ikoku aka AsherStorm

In arts there are painters who leave pictures behind for the world to admire centuries later and there are poets whose words we recite decades after decades. In my era we have lyricists, poetry has taken a different turn. I know everyone wants to rap these days but so little have the words to move you. But not this guy; Kyrian Ikoku.

Kyrian and I go way back to when we were little. We were good friends and he was the cute shy guy who sat at the back of class and then we lost touch. Years later I get in touch with him again but to a different Kyrian; the guy who usually had little to say was gone, now in his place was a bolder person with a lot on his mind to share with the world. It's not the cliche "popping bottles in the club" or "let me see what you're twerking with" sort of lyrics, it's words that cut through to your soul and get you thinking. The kind you steal to tweet or use as your BBM status hehe.

So maybe years from now future generations won't have poems to recite in literature classes but lyricists whose words inspire them to make a change either in their personal lives or in the world. My personal favorite is a duet he did with Maffy Beatz, (who happens to be his cousin, I see talent runs in the family), When Angels Fall, it's worth a listen.

Twitter: @AsherStorm
Instagram: Asher_Storm

5) Jefferson Aipoh aka Maffy Beatz

Music they say is the expression of words we can't speak and without it life would be nothing. Imagine a world without music, could you live in it? Now imagine if every song had no beat to it, wouldn't that be boring? If there's any one I know would make a difference in the music industry it's gotta be Jeff. I've never seen anyone so passionate about producing music more than this guy. Each new beat he releases is a wonderful work of art, pleasing to your soul and soothing to your ear, whether it makes you want to dance or just meditate, his fingers are magical.

He's the silly friend every one needs who makes you laugh when you're sad and never seems to be serious half of the time. When he isn't being an aeronautical engineering student then he's in the studio making beats for musicians and truly from what I've heard so far every piece is eargasmic (yeah I said it -_-). It's one thing to be able to sing and another to be able to write a song but if you don't have the right beats to go with it then all you have is nice words on a paper and a nice voice. Maffy brings your music to life, he gives it rhythm and he gives it that oomf.

If you ever need beats he's the guy you go to. The next Don Jazzy or better. Such an amazing personality you would enjoy working with him. I know he's going to do a lot for the music industry in Nigeria, seeing as it's the next big industry in Nigeria with everyone now singing or rapping I suggest you go to him to hook you up. You won't regret it.

Twitter: @Maffy_Beatz
Listen to one of his songs on:

Friday, 30 November 2012

4) Aisha Shuaibu aka Keesha

Now if y'all thought I was gonna skip out on Keesha, you thought wrong! There are few people in this world that I am grateful I met and that list wouldn't be complete without Aisha.

I met Keesha at a party our mutual friends hosted. Before that all I knew was about her was well just her name cause we had mutual friends. So when she walked into the room we were getting ready in and I lay eyes on her I knew I had imprinted, JK I'm not a werewolf but really I was scared we wouldn't get along at first. But Keesha turned out to be one of those friends you meet one minute and feel like you've known your whole life. From that moment a lifetime of friendship began. From lunches to spa dates we were close to inseperable

Athletic, pretty and talented, Keesha knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. However summer of 2011 I saw a different side to Keesha. The side that wanted to change the world for less privileged kids. She and a couple others founded MGF; the Millenium Generation Foundation, a globally operated non profit charity organisation. To kick start their agenda, they hosted a fashion show in the city of Abuja. For some it was just another event to come socialise at, for others it was an opportunity to showcase their designs but for Keesha, Amos, Samira and the other founders it was an endless battle, day in day out, sleepless night to pull off an event that would help raise money to renovate a government primary school in Mararaba.

Have you ever seen such determination? (Yeah that's right I used a Ryan Leslie line, one of the other reasons why I love her) Waking up early, driving round town, jumping from meeting to meeting, client to client, approving/disapproving designers, attending model casting (typing it alone is exhausting) sometimes on an empty stomach. The one day I tried to help out and spend the day planning the event I chickened out at the end. I was so beat when I went home my mum couldn't stop laughing at how lazy I was and you can imagine doing that for days. Long story short, the lives of the kids in that school would never be the same all because MGF came to their rescue.

And bless her heart Keesha, I know she's going to do a lot more than that, she already has, organising sport tournaments for charity, spending days in an orphanage. What more could she give back to society? It's not enough to see the ad on tv about these less privileged kids, shake your head and thank God you're in a better place. No, you're in a better place because God wants you to bless those who aren't and I know for sure that Keesha and the MGF family are doing just that. I couldn't be more happier that I'm blessed with such a friend.

P.S She's taken, sorry boys :p

Contact Details
Twitter: @AfricanLaReina


3) Ibrahim Abdullahi aka Mr President

Vince Lombardi once said "Leaders aren't born they are made..." but I want to believe there's an exception to that rule and that is Ibrahim Abdullahi; a born leader and a man of excellence. And with each passing day an ounce of greatness is added to his life. A man of eloquence and of great humble spirit, Ibrahim is hope that there can still be change in my country.

And what better way to show you that than with proof of his numerous achievements? Starting at a young age, at 12, he was already on the Children's parliament. He went on to help start a global initiative to provide access to safe drinking water and sanitation for all children along side eminent British Lawyer Cherie Blair (yes Tony Blair's wife). He is also co founder of Amandla Consulting and an international firm called The Whitenights Partnership Ltd that does business across Africa. He is involved in a number of charity works among other accomplishments.

You see I could keep on listing his achievements and it would go on and on but my point is from a young age he started being the change he wanted to see in his country and in the world. Do you know how easy it is to get carried away in the 21st century? And to see that despite it all he hasn't lost sight of his vision is amazinng, it's inspiring. And someday when I have sons of my own Uncle Ibrahim is who I'm going to tell them to look up to.

He's going places and has already won himself the title "Mr President" and you know what if he ever ran for President (which I hope to God he does) I'll get my entire village to vote for him. Because I know that with someone as philanthropic and focused as him, Nigeria would be a better place for my kids and future generations to live in. People like Ibrahim inspire me to not sit back, fold my arms and complain about how bad the world/Nigeria is but to get out there and start working towards the positive change everyone wants to see.

His Linked in profile could not have summarised his character any better:
Passionate about building a new cadre of leaders with the integrity, vision and capacity to make Nigeria a better place and contribute to Global Peace and Development.

To combine my legal and entrepreneurial skills in the development of an enterprise to provide efficient services and add value to individuals, groups and organizations. 

Twitter: @IbAbdullahi
Instagram: ibrahimabdullahi

2) Jatau Barde Jatau aka Sir Birrex

Ever heard the phrase "men are from mars, women are from venus", well that's the best way to explain Jatau. He comes from an entirely different universe, you've got to know him personally to understand what I mean.

I met Jatau on New Year's Eve two years ago, I can't really say for sure that was our first time meeting, our families are friends and we're basically neighbours. However we became good friends starting from that day when my friend Zayyad introduced us and to convince me that I wouldn't regret it he described Jatau as "good people". He couldn't be more right.

When you meet Jatau you know he's different. I mean who from this generation listens to Oumou Sangare, Fatoumata Diawara and Fela Kuti. I mean Fela I can understand but the others, I barely hear what they say *sigh* but that's Jatau for you. Weird music taste and outspoken. No one frustrates me more than this boy, engaging in an argument with him makes me want to slash my wrist slowly. But put that aside Jatau is well informed, politics, religion, sports, name it and he knows it. Which is probably why arguing with him frustrates me.

I've seen people come from good backgrounds and throw it all away as soon as they cross the Nigerian borders but Jatau, he knows where he's coming from and he knows where he's going. He's got a good head on his shoulders; a big one but how will we do now? He's motivational and he pushes you to do more for yourself than you can imagine, sometimes it's annoying but it's nice to know that someone believes you're capable of more and wants to see you achieve that. Did I mention he's kind and compassionate and his door is always open to everyone. Literally his door is always open, you can walk into his room and steal anything. But jokes aside he's a peoples person no matter where he finds himself he tries to engage people in mind stimulating conversations from his flatmates to even cab drivers. I always tease him for being a "famzer" but I wouldn't have him any other way.I believe it's his outspoken character that would take him places. There's home in his character, you can always find comfort with him.

Now Ladies if you want this man you can contact me and I'll arrange something for you *wink wink*. Anyways Jatau is a real person in a world full of counterfeits. I can't wait to see the changes he's going to make in Nigeria.

Twitter: @sirbirrex
Instagram: sirbirrex

1) Amma Indimi: CEO All Things Le Rouge

I remember the first time I met Amma, it was at Kings Cross Station, she had just come to London for the weekend and was going back. The funny thing is Amma and I had been 'BB Friends' if you know what I mean, I knew she had a clothing line and I liked her designs so my friend gave me her pin to place an order. However when I met her I totally didn't know who she was for a while... Not the point.

I've admired Amma from a distance, I can't say that I know her personally but I know this for sure she's a walking talent. Her designs are fabulous and her sketches, don't get me started on that. I see her Instagram pictures and it annoys me that one such person could have all these talent. I see a lot of people claim CEOs and Fashion Designers these days but not a lot of people let their actions do the talking. Shame

If you thought designing was all she could do wait till you saw her meals. Sometimes I question if she just orders food, takes a picture and claim she made it because there's only one word to describe her cooking; perfection. And I'm not just saying that cause she promised me a weekend of home cooked meals (._. ).

There might be no such thing as a perfect person but she's damn close to it. A perfect blend of Betty Crocker, Aphrodite beauty and Stella McCartney Talent. I have no doubt that her name is one name we'll be hearing a lot about in the future. Btw she is CEO of Le Rouge Couture but I have a feeling Le Rouge would be expanding to more business aspects (such as Le Rouge Kitchen which I have volunteered to be the head taster for) in the future hence the title CEO All Things Le Rouge.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you see Amma is beauty, you're struck at first (P.s I'm 100% straight) but I hope from this post you see that she is that and more. Amma is also an Architecture student and at this point i'm questioning if she's human. Balancing a course that hard while trying to make use of the talents she's been blessed with, *phew* talk about multi tasking...

Contact Amma for her designs on
Twitter: @Amma_Indimi
Instagram: Amma_Indimi
Blackberry/WhatsApp: Well you're going to have to ask her for that one :p

Salivating yet? There's more

Tell me life is fair -__- Ugh!
The CEO herself in one of her designs. Better get them orders rolling in. Thank me later :)    

10 Most Influential People I Know

Hey Hey, so I got bored in class and a post idea came to mind; hey why not write about the top 10 influential people you know of. People who would make a difference in our time, it could come as a confidence boost for some of them, to let them know you believe in them or not. Whatever. But I'm going with my guts and I'm blogging on 10 people; mostly my friends, that I feel are influential and would make a difference in this world.

Now if you don't make this list please don't unfriend me :( I'm pretty sure all my friends are influential in one way or the other or we wouldn't be friends in the first place. These people are the kind of role models I would want my kids to look up to. Not to swell any of their heads, they are not perfect either, they have their flaws. This is me appreciating all that you are and all that you do, have done and will continue to do.

For length sake I'll be doing each profile by post so it doesn't end up as one long ass lengthy post okay? AND IT IS NOT BY ORDER OF INFLUENCE!!!! RANDOM NUMBERING. Now if we have that covered I hope you enjoy the following posts. Oh and please don't start being nice to me so you can make the list, I already have my 10 people hahahahahhahahaa. I'm kidding I love you

Thank you,

A Girl's First Love

I remember the first night I met Jimmy.... Contrary to popular belief I had no butterflies in my stomach. It wasn't love at first sight. Infact I found him repulsive. You see he was the it boy, the type every girl wanted and boys secretly wished they were. He had it going for him, looks, charisma, the whole damn package. He could charm his way in and out of any situation. He walked the road of gold and took the saying "born with a silver spoon" to a whole new level. And he knew it, he knew damn well what he had going on for him. So why didn't I like him? Well for starters I didn't want to be sucked into the world of gooey girls doodling his name on their books in history class or find myself fighting for his attention. What's more, he looked like the heartbreaker. That's right the type who promised you the world and laid it bare at your feet only to snatch up the rug from under you and leave you in a mess. So imagine my surprise when I woke up one day and found myself right in the middle of this world that revolved around Jimmy. There and then my world changed.......

I wasn't the nerd neither was I the high school captain. My high school wasn't the stereotypical jocks, cheerleaders, nerd sort of school. Lets leave all that to the movies ey? But I was in a world of my own. I had my friends, I wasn't bad to look at and as far as socials go well I could say I was on the map. I was fine with my life till the day Jimmy stepped up to me. One fateful evening after a school event. Like I said it was never love at first sight or any of that rubbish but only time would tell

To be continued

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Five Stages of Break Up

Hey, I know I've been away for a while, the life of a final year student, I've been mad busy, not that anything new or exciting has happened except well....

Have you ever wondered if perhaps getting over a break up is similar to getting over the death of a loved one? It may not be the same thing in actual sense but you did 'lose' someone special right? So let me know if this applies to you:

Stage 1 Denial
You tell yourself you're happy or you're okay without them, LIE. Or you try to pretend that you can still be friends, especially if you really loved that person. Who you foolin? How do you think you're going to cope when the other moves on and is happy? Still think you can be friends with them? Don't cheat yourself. Or you go numb, I know I go numb, for a period I feel nothing, absolutely nothing. I call it my 'walking zombie' phase. A wise man once said "There is grace in denial. It's nature's way of letting in only as much as we can handle"

Stage 2 Anger
"All Men Are The Same" "I'm Through With Love" "Life Sucks" Sounds familiar? Now you're angry for no reason. Or perhaps you know the reason but you're trying to avoid confronting it. So you walk around being angry at the world or yourself cause you didn't try hard enough or because you even gave them a chance in the first place. Now the curse words just roll out your tongue and you find yourself telling the cutest puppy to get the fuck outta your face for no apparent reason. It's good to let the steam out, just don't say anything you would regret in this phase. Once I wrote the meanest angriest letter to an ex and tore it up after wards and I felt good. Another time I signed up for boxing classes -__- Different people different methods *shrug*

Stage 3 Bargaining
Now the "if only's" come to visit. The whole damn family, ma, pa and kids. You find yourself "if only I hadn't said that to her" "If only I tried to be sexy once in a while". Perhaps if we had done things differently it would be a different story? Yes? or God why me? Why do I always have to be the one getting hurt? I promise not to drink anymore if you just give me another faithful boyfriend. Alright I hear you. I hate this phase because then you begin to doubt yourself and there's nothing worse than a person with a low self confidence.

Stage 4 Depression
That's it! I'm gonna be lonely forever. Forever Alone; status changed, twitter bio changed. I'm going to die an old wrinkled woman. Then you find comfort in a tub of Magnum Vanilla and Chocolate Ice cream. *Sigh* Listening to depressing songs about love, hello Adele. Staring out the window, trying to imagine your life is a movie scene. You want to be left alone, don't want any company. Your RayBans become your bestfriend to cover up the multitude of sin that is your bulging red eyes. This phase sucks, feels like the world is going to end. I hate it. My blog started at this phase, not ashamed to admit it. After a bad break up this was where I came to pour out my sadness. It is an ugly phase but everyone's got to go through with it. Perhaps in your hurting you would find healing...

Stage 5 Acceptance
For some it takes weeks to get to this phase, for some it happens right from the break up. Everyone's got their way of dealing. But someday you've gotta accept it's over, toughen up, shit happens. I hate friends who try to get you straight to stage 5 and skipping the other stages. Excuse me, I'm not made of stone, I genuinely liked him can I atleast grieve him a little? ugh. Anyways at some point you learn to accept that he cheated or your love wasn't enough or it was simply not meant to be. Or a reality slap in the face such as seeing the other one moving on. However long it takes, you get to move on because regardless life goes on.

Like I said different people, different methods. You might start from stage 3 or no stage at all. A break up is hard but I believe most people go through at least 3 stages to finally move on life. Well my library break is over. Something to think about xoxo

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN REBOUNDS. That's just denying yourself of emotions but that's just me.