Sunday, 15 January 2012

Woman of Inspiration

Hello Darlings,
So I've decided that each month this year I am going to dedicate a post to a woman of inspiration; someone who inspires me in this world. And to open the floor we have none other than Beyonce Knowles.

Yes, yes some of you might already start rolling your eyes because of how she dominates everything, you click on a music video and they are comparing the musician to her or even when they don't connect she somehow manages to work her way into the video or topic of discussion; it's annoying I get it. I am not the die hard Beyonce fan either but you've gotta give respect to whom respect is due and she jolly well deserves this recognition.

There's a reason she's called Queen B. She's stayed on top of her game for as long as time. Yes she overdoes it sometimes example Beautiful Liar video, what was she thinking trying to outdo Shakira? I mean she looked like she was gonna break a backbone or something while Shakira was flawless and I secretly derive pleasure in watching her flop on stage sometimes like the concert where she fell off the stairs while vigorously whipping her hair around, I couldn't help saying "serves you right for throwing your head around thinking you weren't gonna get dizzy" here's the link ( And I'm not hating but her mistakes remind me that no one is perfect not even almighty Queen B. And the whole baby scandal, Well I don't care if she was actually pregnant or she had a surrogate mum, all that we know is that she has a baby girl now and that's the end of the story so people can quit coming up with theories and scandals. Congrats to her and Jay by the way.

She is  a woman of inspiration to alot of girls out there. She inspires me because of what she accomplished before hitting 30. If I accomplish half the things she's done before I hit 30 boy would I rest in peace. I'm pretty sure they would bury me with some vain ol' smug on my face like "yeah I left a big footprint in the sands of time, lemme see you try to do what I've done". Anyways back to Beyonce, she's transcended from the music scene to being one of the most powerful and influential women in the world. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, actress, philanthropist, designer, L'oreal ambassador, Pepsi brand face, daughter, friend, sister, lover and now mother. I'm not even going to dive into her achievements cause this would turn out to be an essay but google is your friend, this site alone lists 169 achievements; .Talk about a walking multi tasker.

If for anything I want to be ambitious like her. She doesn't stop. She could have when she bagged Jay-Z, knowing his wealth and affluence but she still strived on to be the independent woman she once sang about and put her name out there in the world like in the song 'I was Here'. She's doing what she loves and she is living proof that if you combine what you love with ambition you would be unstoppable. And she recently empowered women again with the song Girls (Who run the world), this is my walking song, anytime I've got alot to accomplish in one day, I put on my headphones, blast this song and walk as if I was on a mission to conquer the world. Keep doing what you do B, 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Letting Go

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left"... famous Marilyn Monroe so often quoted by SINGLE girls as a justification for their present status. I wouldn't lie, hiding behind the quote seems safer than putting yourself out there and risking being hurt. What are we so afraid of? I just watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for like the gazillionth time and I couldn't help thinking about the million girls out there like Holly always on the run from true love.Afraid of being locked up in a cage; tied to one person but the truth is the only cage your locked up in is that which you single handedly built yourself; not attempting to love and be loved back. I know it aint easy giving up your heart and putting yourself out there but it wouldn't hurt to risk it once in a while. You would never know if you don't try and if you do put yourself out there and he breaks your heart... err bad luck for you, Just kidding, but yes if he breaks your heart then he was your frog and not your prince so move on and keep searching till you find your imperfect prince because no one is perfect but one day you will find perfection in someone's imperfections.