Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Bored Theory

Are you tired of the same old routine over and over again? Find yourself fed up with the same old constant pattern of doing things? Well I get bored easily and I'm all for change. This is where the bored theory comes in; it is about relationships and why they tend to fail most times. I call it the bored theory cause it is based on girls and how we're easily bored (everyone knows women get bored easily and if you didn't, now you do) plus it is easier for me to write from this POV considering I'm a girl :). I'm constantly changing my room arrangement cause I can't stand to see it the same way for too long, I recently cut my hair into a bob cause I was tired of the same ol' long do, I also had auburn spice highlights put in my hair and got a third ear piercing and this list could go on and on but sadly we are not here to talk about my fabulous self :p.

How come things seem more interesting at the beginning of a relationship than at the end? At first, we meet a guy, feelings grow, things work out well and bam! we're official. And then just cause you've gotten us you stop sending flowers, complimenting us, sending good morning text messages or watching our favourite TV shows. Finally we become an old boring couple with no spark or chemistry whatsoever, making people wonder why we're still together, kissing you feels like kissing dead cold fish lips, saying 'I love you' just cause it's the right thing to say in a relationship. No! I don't want to have to eat Chinese every single time we're having take out, or have only movie dates or count the seconds while you're kissing me. We want you to excite us, keep us on our toes, make yourself and the relationship unpredictable. No one wants a bored relationship, that's why people cheat or look for the silliest excuse to start a fight or even break up. The romantic aspect of love shouldn't have an expiry date; it should be like running a race, you don't start out fast and get people excited cause eventually you would tire out, you need to balance your energy as with love. Never let the flame go out. 
Not to sound biased I know we girls aren't perfect either, at the beginning we show interest in football and video games and other 'boy' things to get your attention and all of a sudden we no longer share those interests. So in a way the bored theory works for both parties. Ladies if you need to keep up with your appearance to not lose his interest then you have to make that sacrifice or he'll be off to some bimbo while you're bored at home watching How Harry Met Sally for the 100th time with a big tub of Ben and Jerry's.
If you're not trying anymore, your relationship is dying. It's as simple as that.
Inspired by Salamatu Yusuf 


  1. Word!!Preach on sister lol you know who this :p

  2. I really wish romance never ended and people kept on doing things like it was their first date all over again. Zara x