Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Confused Heart

I don't know if you watch the series; Being Erica but I randomly do, like when I walk  into a room and it's on. Anyway today's episode was about Erica who had just realised that the man her sister was about to marry in a couple of hours wasn't the right choice of groom and she had to go back in time and try to stop her sister from getting back with the boyfriend from the first time they broke up.And so she travels back in time only for the boyfriend, turned fianc√©, to tell her that he doesn't really love the sister but it's always been Erica he wanted and then he finishes of with ' the heart wants what the heart wants'.

That line got me thinking, it's obviously not the first time I've heard it, but today I saw that phrase in a different limelight. I don't get the heart, nope not one bit; it forces us to act sometimes when reason tells us otherwise, it can tear down walls as well as build one around itself, it crosses the line most times and leads us to places the head would never go to; either for good or for worse. Why didn't they teach us this in biology? None of my teachers told me the heart could get broken or make stupid decisions even when the brain says otherwise, all they taught me was it pumping blood and all that. They need to check that curriculum again. Sometimes you find yourself faced with a dilemma and you're told "follow your heart" but that doesn't help because the problem is most times we know what we don't want but hardly ever do we know what we really want. This causes me to ask, what does the heart really want?


  1. Age old battle it is, the heart vs the mind. Don't think it could ever be resolved

    1. Yes indeed. One of the many mysteries of life