Thursday, 16 February 2012

Why Bother Asking?

Why do we ask for advice when we aren't gonna take it? I wonder… Is it cause we don’t trust the voices in our heads telling us what to do, and would rather hear someone say it out loud? that way we would have someone to hold responsible when things go wrong or just cause we’re just too damn stubborn to do what is right even if it didn't come from our own brain? Or would it be because of the battle between the brain and the heart, where the brain tells you the right thing to do or what seems to be the sensible thing at that time but your heart is far too busy sticking its fingers in its ears and saying ‘la la la I can’t hear you’. I think we only ask so that someone can tell us our heart is right and our brain is wrong; that’s why when one person says something that sounds like the right thing we still go out of our way to ask others for their ‘advice’ till someone says what we want to hear. We ask for advice but we don’t really want it, we just want to be told we’re right; just to hear what soothes us best regardless of the fact that it might not be the ugly truth

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