Sunday, 4 March 2012

He's Just Not That Into You

After watching He's just not that into you for like the umpteenth time, i could help asking myself why we girls take things, no matter how little and dissect them into little bits and pieces. So what he sent a kiss smiley while you were chatting, it doesn't mean he likes you now. So what he held you by the waist while you were group hanging, doesn't mean he's into you now. Somehow I feel sorry for the boys, we put them through hell. We take the little things they say and make a huge deal out of it.We pick up unnecessary quarrels with them, accuse them of cheating cause they looked twice at a girl. Errr we do worse in our minds. So it's okay for us to drool over the likes of Tyson Bettis and Laz Alonso but they comment on a girl's good looks and suddenly it's world war 3?! honey please! it takes two to tango. Why can't we just let things be? Stop complicating things in our heads and take things for what they actually are?  Or are we actually just programmed to think that way? Do we do the irrelevant little things as an attempt to find love or actually keep the "love" we think we've found?  I felt bad for Gigi though always picking up on the wrong signals. Often I've heard girls say "he's giving me mixed signals", I know I've said it myself but the ugly truth is he's just not that into you. The truth is one simple act might just be it for a guy, no strings attached. Stop analysing and picking apart on that action and debating possible "positive" reasons. If he has not vocally declared his feeling to you, do not ASSUME that he's into you! To be honest, men are not complicated creatures, very easy to figure out. You just need to pay attention and you'll know where you stand with them.
Que Sera Sera

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  1. Well it's refreshing hearing this from a girl, atleast you get us men. You women overthink things, all the time. It gets frustration