Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Gold Digga

Prior to the return policy post, men don't think I'll let you walk free like that. We've all heard this phrase before, some girls have unfortunately been called that and some hide behind this word, Ahem, not calling names but some Nigerian men.
Once you start relying on your man for any financial requirement you are now termed a gold digga. Say what now? You see when you become my man, it is your responsibility to protect me, provide for me and profess me as your own. If you're truly going to be my man be ALL of it, not some of it. Don't be my man when it comes to food or your laundry and then some random man when it's money issues or family issues or whatever. Some of you use this term loosely to run from the providing aspect of a relationship, I get it. Y'all are some selfish creatures, always want to have your cake and then eat it. Of course I don't expect you to pay my rent, bills and what not; that right there would actually be gold digging, but if we go for movies or drinks, dude you better have your wallet standing by.
Let me put this way, if you're not gonna spoil us or if you plan on using the term 'gold digga' on us, DO NOT even expect us to cook for you or give you our cookies like that. We may be gold diggas but y'all are some sex and food mongers. I did say it was a two way thing right?

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