Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Haunting

Been running soo long she didn't realise she was lost
Lost her way back and couldn't move forward
So there she stood, stuck in the middle of nowhere
Forced to face her greatest fear which to her surprise turned out to be her
She had led herself to believing that
If she could physically run away from her problems,
It would have the same effect mentally
Little girl had it wrong the whole time
She didn't realise that no matter how far you tried to run
Some demons just stuck with you forever
Thoughts she tried to blank out came rushing at her
Like a thousand bats trying o flee an illuminated room
The voices she had blanked out
Kept ringing in her head like a tripped fire alarm
Images from events she purposely wiped out took a slide show on her
Lost for what to do, she screamed out, hands on her head,
Trying to block her ears like it would help,
Finally giving into defeat, she slumped on the floor
Wth nowhere to run, she had to face them all
Her demons had come back to hunt her
After all you can run but you can't hide

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