Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Shadow of Issues

LOL I didn't think the diary entry would reveal soo many friends-turned-therapists to me but nonetheless i'm grateful. I figured out that when things go wrong for me, I run and try to start afresh. I hide behind the excuse of "change". And trust me this happens alot especially after breakups. I dye my hair, get a new dress size, change my eye colour (contacts), cut my hair, get a new ear piercing, adopt a new look/personality whatever, a friend once joked that I'd soon be covered in tattoos,piercings, and a myriad of hair shades at the rate at which i always want to change something. God only knows why I'm writing all these.
Anyways my point is, there are others out there like me. As soon as we smell trouble, we''re fleeing as fast as we can. Just how many new starts would one get? Just how far can one run from their past? there are some demons that no matter how far you run would always be with you. Not to sound possessed, I mean, there are some issues that are stuck with you like a shadow. You just need to stop running, retreat and fight those issues. Now the question is what are the issues I need to deal with? do I even want to open that chapter? I've done such a good job burying them like 20 feet below, why unveil the ugly? Ugh 

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  1. That's true. You gotta face your demons once in a while because you can't hide, you can run but you can't hide.