Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Superhero

Everyone needs a superhero in their life just as everyone needs a mother too. I've been fortunate to have  more than one mum. Now my biological mother I never got along with for a long period; blame it on puberty. I felt she didn't understand me and I couldn't open up to her cause I hadn't lived with her for about 8 years. And even though my mum and I are not the best of friends or as close as I would want us to be I can't say I love this woman less.
From my mum I've learnt patience, she put up with my rudeness and anger for a long time and never loved me less. Not everything has gone her way but she never complains much. She sacrificed university and worked to put her other sibling through school.
I've learnt to always give when I have thanks to my mummy. My mother always gives, all the time. It would annoy me because I'd go to school and when I came back I wouldn't see alot of my things because my mum did 'mother Christmas' with them. But as I grew up I started appreciating the gift of giving through my mother  and I hope to teach my kids the same.
From my mother I've learnt to live a good Christian life. Everyday my mum gets up at 5:30 and prays till 8. She would lay flat on the floor and talk with God. It is my mother's prayers that guide me through life when I stray. She is devoted.
Making my mother laugh is my greatest joy; she has the heartiest laughter ever especially when she gets all red  and teary-eyed; it's the most beautiful sight ever.  She's not perfect, nobody walking this earth surface is but I wouldn't trade my ma for another. I don't care how perfect they are, they just wouldn't teach me the same life lessons as she has. I only pray to be as good a mother as she is. My mum has been a blessing to my life, she bathed me, cooked for me, taught me and read to me and when the time comes for me to do the same for her it would be an honour.
I could go on and on about the things I've learnt from my mum and why I love her. No doubt every mother is special, I mean for months they dealt with nausea, watched their feet swell, watched their body bloat, suffered sleepless nights and endured labour pains to bring us into this world. You would think their suffering would end there but some would have to put up with cheating husbands, ungrateful children and a demanding job. I personally think Mothers Day should be renamed superhero day because every mum is a superwoman. Cheers to all the mothers out there, God bless everyone of you and Happy Superhero day.


  1. As a new mum this makes me happy and I hope I have a bond with my daughter that never gets broken even with time.

    1. Awwww thank you Stephanie. Hope you have a safe delivery. You'll make a wonderful mother