Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Return Policy

Women are demanding and what's worse is we don't even know what we want. That's the one question I never think is ever gonna get an answer; what do women want? I earlier joked on twitter that I may be a boy trapped in a girl's body so forgive me if it seems like I pick on us women a lot. I'm not biased, I'm impartial. When it comes to relationships it's a two way thing so why should I side only one person. Anyways I live with my sister and I know just how demanding she can get sometimes, it drives me crazy, and that's me a fellow lady complaining, talk more of the boys.
I did mention that relationships is a two way thing right? good. Ladies it's not always about demanding, what are you giving back in return? He can't always pay the bills and shower you with presents or give you all his time and attention, you're not the only one who wants to be spoilt. You don't have to walk into Westfield now and buy out a store, you can return the favour by giving him his 'me time', let him play his Fifa in peace, watch soccer without you trying to stick your tongue down his throat. Cook him a nice home made meal, allow him watch his kind of movies when it's a night in. Before we get in relationships we make this unnecessarily long list of what we expect, "oh I want a man who would hold the door open for me" "I want a man to give me foot massages" "I want a man who would hold my hand in public and proudly introduce me to his friends". Errr are you asking yourself what your man wants as well?
Remember this; She Respects, He Loves. There's nothing a man likes more than a huge ego. If you return merely in respect by supporting him, being loyal to him and giving him what he wants occasionally, you've bagged yourself one perfect prince charming.

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