Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Uncertainty of Tomorrow

So there I was standing at liverpool street station lost in my own world, thanks to my Blackberry, and this man walks up to me from nowhere. First reaction; panic but one more look at him and I noticed he was the uncanning image of hunger, homelessness and probably depression. And then he asked for 20p to save up and get a kebab and I immediately felt bad for him and decided to help. As I reach into my bag for my wallet, he stops me and says "wow you're so kind you didn't even hesitate, May God bless you" and of course everyone wants to be blessed so there I am opening my wallet with a beaming smile on my face as if I had just won a lottery and then he adds, "Thank you for helping me, God can make anyone homeless". Truth is I don't know how he got to where he was, if it was a test of faith or a consequence of his wrong decisions, I cannot say, but he was damn right.
We ride in our fancy cars and wear our raybans, stacking our wallets with bills and feeling like nothing could go wrong tomorrow. But guess what genius; it CAN and most likely will. You can go to bed with a huge figure in your account and wake up the next day and realise you're whole world is crashing down on you and you're losing alot faster than it took to gain them. And God forbid you find yourself one day on the streets like that man begging. It might not get that bad but you get my drift. And let me ask you something would you rather have the world turn its back on you, judging you every single time you passed, whispering that you lost your money to gambling or snickering at the sight of your fall or have them embrace you in their arms and help you when they can; give you food to eat and a few change to spare? No one knows what tomorrow has in store for us we can only hope it's for the best so please give when you can and when you have because God blessed you to bless others. Remember this;


  1. So touching and Inspiring, how many people you Bless is how you measure success.:)

  2. Was stalking your blog. I love this piece, it's soo true. You never know what tomorrow has in store for us. Let's always help everyone we can on our way up, hoping never to find ourselves back down.