Sunday, 29 April 2012

Anger Management

Do you know what isn't out of fashion? angry letters. oh yes. I don't need any therapist to tell me how to deal with my anger. When I'm angry I usually smash something or cry. But today I decided to write an angry letter. I used to do it before. Dunno why I stopped. I'm tired of being the sweet girl every one tramps on, so today when I had had enough, I took my pen, paper and wrote a hate letter to my offender(s). And goodness me, I had to shred it or someone would have been burnt from the heat of the letter. It helps you know. Of course you can't walk up to them and yell out all the surpressed anger and curse words you can think of. Well you can but that would be barbaric right? and as a lady that is totally unacceptable. So write them a letter in your fury and shred it up when you're done. Then take a deep breath, drink some chamomile tea/eat chocolates/ice cream (whatever your comfort food is) or listen to classical music or better yet take a walk for fresh air. After all you might need a bit of fresh air to wipe out all the hateful thoughts still left. And since it's too late for me to take a walk, I'm just going to stand on my corridor and let the sweet whisper of the wind be my music for the night. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vogue Festival 2

…The festival had alot to offer aside panel discussions and talks by successful fashion names. There was a fashion makeover and photo shoot by Chanel. If you weren’t impressed by that alone, Chanel accessories from jackets to bangles to purses were provided for the photo shoot which was shot by one of the magazine’s contributing photographers.

There was the Red My Lips where beauty consult experts helped you find the perfect shade of red lipstick to suit your skin tone. Then we had the Giorgio Armani beauty experts give a session on the season’s sultry smoky eyes as well as Josh Wood; the influential hair colourist who with his team offered wash-out dyes and temporary extensions to experimental divas. If beauty wasn’t your thing you could have strolled into the How To Customise session where four upcoming designers; Mark Fast, Louise Gray, Dr Nokie and Simone Rocha with Vogue market editor Emma Elwick-Bates showed you how to wear one sweatshirt in four stylish ways. Unfortunately this event was a first come first serve affair

The last session was with the successful fashion guru Stella McCartney who spoke with girlfriend Kate Hudson along side Vogue Editor Alexandra Schulman. The duo were amazing. Stella spoke on her fashion line, family and how she became good friends with Kate Hudson who gave the tale on how she made it to the worst dressed list wearing a Stella McCartney dress. They shifted blame and got the audience laughing at their little friend feud.

Vogue Fashion Festival Day 1

Day 1 of the Vogue Fashion Festival was an amazing success but of course it had to be. Although the weather was wet and gloomy outside, on the inside it was a different world; totally eccentric and vibrant. We had different successful people from different aspects of fashion come talk to us from Christopher Bailey in conversation with Alexandra Schulman to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and a talk panel by Lisa Armstrong, Laura Bailey, Edie Campbell, Pixie Geldorf, Mary Portas and Anne Robinson. It was delightful.

Judging as I’m such a huge Fan of Dolce and Gabanna the highlight of my day was when I got a picture with Stefano Gabanna, unfortunately Domenico was nowhere to be found. In their talk with Alexandra Schulman I got to see a different side to the Italian duo. They told us of how fashion led to a love story and that three things are very important in inspiring them; Amore (Love), Famgua( Family) and Itauanita (Italian Spirit). Of course the third is no surprise as we’ve seen their Italian background influence their collections deeply. “Family is very important… a sense of unity” Domenico confesses to which Stefano added that family is “a good way of feeling the warmth of love”. When asked about their choice to use Madonna for their add campaign, Stefano replies “Fashion isn’t only for young people” adding how Madonna was perfect because she was versatile to which Alexandra replies “She’s every woman”. Good one Alex. Their fashion advice to us was to always believe in ourselves and be dedicated in order to be successful. While Domenico was a charming sight to see, Stefano never failed to provide comic relief. It was an honour to not only hear what they had to say but also meet Stefano and have a two-minute conversation with him and a picture I’ll forever cherish.

Next on the list was the panel discussion, Too Young? Too Old? Does Fashion have an age limit? This truly was a funny conversation as the ladies; Lisa, Laura, Edia, Pixie, Mary and Anne did not hesitate to make the crowd laugh with their views on fashion today and the appropriate age to wear and do certain fashion norms. The most important thing they said was there is no pressure to look good on TV and this feeling is merely self imposed most especially with women. The audience had alot of questions to ask most especially a lady who aimed directly at Anne Robinson saying she didn’t see why women felt the need to stick needles in their faces Ouch!

Read next post for more

The New Generation

Well hello there, did you miss me? Sure you did. I'm sorry I've been away, been under stress with school, my new blogging job and deadlines/exams. But not too worry you'll always be my first love and that's why I'm posting here and not my other job *covers face* I have soo much to tell you about the Vogue Festival but first gotta share this train experience of yesterday.

So while I was on the train to the Vogue Festival I noticed this young pretty girl sitting with her class and teacher, who were probably on their way to a class trip. I watched as she brushed down her long hair while smoothing it out, my guess is she was Indian from the hair length. I was fascinated by the way she looked as well. On her hair was a headband with a blue glitter butterfly and she also had glitter socks on, she sat with her legs crossed in the most grown up lady like manner and had a pink Hello Kitty bag. Out of this bag, she pulled out a small compact mirror, now I noticed I wasn't the only one lost in her little world as others watched her in her vain routine. Then she started smoothing her eyebrows with her index fingers and plucking out her lashes that were in the way. I chuckled to myself at this, she was most likely six or seven and there she was doing a beauty routine on the tube. She knew we were watching but she didn't care. I liked that.

I was sad that my train ride had to come to an end, I was waiting to see if she was gonna bring out red lipstick and do a lip smack as well or spritz on some perfume. She truly got my attention and others and was definitely a fashionista in the making. Truth is she's not the only one out there, there is a whole generation of them. Yesterday even Stella McCartney admitted her kids were little fashionistas that tottered around in her heels and  tried on different accessories of hers. What we have now is a fashion generation, less doctors, less engineers and more Fashion Photographers, Models, Designers and Journalists. Say hello to a new world...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Peckham Experience

Yesterday was my very first time in Peckham and I hope my last as well. My friend had taken me there to braid my hair and it was one hell of an experience. Now for those of you who know me I am the Queen of paranoia. Oh heavens no, I am one hell of a paranoid person so be in for a treat as I share my experience.

On getting to peckham, my friend was a few minutes late so I waited by the station for her. Then I noticed people staring at me and I got scared. I know I was indecent so what was it? It was then my friend said I looked like an outsider, now I wasn't even dressed fancy or what not, but I pretty sure I looked fear stricken. Bear in mind I aint no posh girl either. We then set out to get my hair extension and go to the salon, I had to ignore the call of desperate hairdressers and the stares being cast on me. Anyways we got to the salon and just before I walked in, this lady came out pulling a blue and white Ghana must go and said "I have jollof rice oh, even white rice plus yam porridge" as I politely decline her offer I'm thinking "Dear Lord, what has Irene gotten me into?" The salon has about nine hairdressers and one man who disturbingly sounds like a woman with a number of children running about and shouting at the top of their voices.

Not even quarter way into my hair, a fight broke out in the salon against two competing rivals and they take it out to the streets; ghetto style. And trust Naija women now when the lady returned back into the salon, they were still trying to add fuel to the fight. But then the  lady doing my hair tries to calm everyone down by quoting the scripture and everyone calms down. I am well impressed by this. Before I could say Jack Robinson though, she turns to her fellow colleague and says "you fuck up sha, why you no follow them outside get more gist for us na?" And I'm sitting there thinking wasn't she just playing pastor like some good 2 seconds ago and now she's the devil's advocate?

The fight seems to have opened up the floor for Aproko Committee meeting because from there on it was gossip all through. The ladies that would come in and laugh with the hairdressers would later turn into the topic of discussion as they depart. Now I'm scared of what would be said about me when I leave. Thinking all was calm, my heart returns to normal beating race, but of course I had to get all the experience in one day. Some minutes later another fight breaks out in the salon opposite me. And then over the voices of the women yelling is the sound of an ambulance siren. Ghen! Ghen!  now my heart is pounding against my chest, it could probably make you a decent pounded yam. Aproko committee gets to work and send one of the little children in the store to see what is happening. The little girl later revealed as Ejiro, happily reports back with news that some rival hairdresser named Esther had broken her arm. And the hairdressers start yammering about fighting and how they would go about it if they were involved. Then someone mentions pouring acid and in my head all I'm thinking is " God please let rapture take place now and take me with it".

Well rapture doesn't happen and I have to deal with the chaotic bunch of people in the salon. From the girl who was fighting with her hairdresser because she didn't like her hair and was being charged more than she bargained for, to the baby crying and screaming his lungs out to get his mothers attention, who by the way was ignorant of his attention seeking mission and was deeply concentrated on her customers hair to the man with the feminine voice, whom I'm pretty sure is gay, that was trying to bargain a hair cut price with some dude that stirred fear in my heart. Finally after some good 3 hours, my hair is finally done and I just want to zoom out of there; away from the noise and drama. As I walk out of the salon, I notice a sign that says "we sell Brazilian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Indian hair here" Mongolian too?! At this rate all races would be bald for Nigerian girls to look pretty.

It was one experience that left me with a pounding headache and an imprinted memory in my heart. So when people have been complimenting me on my hair, in my head I'm like "you damn right better like it, I went through hell for this".

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Unbreak my Heart

Tonight's been a heartbreaking night, first off the contestant I was rooting for in ANTM: British Invasion, Azmarie got eliminated as if that was not enough, I find out that S/S 12 Collection by D&G is the last ever?!!!! Good heavens why? I have loved this duo for as old as I've known them. Not only do they understand what we women need, they made the art of seduction so easy for their female customers. To quote them "It's always about the sensuality of a woman". At least they left a lingering memory in our heads with the S/S 12 collection which was a romantic baroque expression.

View their final collection as they say goodbye to the fashion world. Fashion would never be the same without you. Thank you for blessing us with such masterworks.

See the final D&G collection here
Watch the S/S 12 show by D&G here

The Men are taking over

Of course they are, it’s a man’s world after all. We just didn’t expect them to take over the fashion industry that fast… Elle has announced of it’s first male cover yet and guess who’s gracing the covers, none other than the footballer turned husband/father/fashion icon David Beckham. I know you’re already excited but sadly you have to wait till the end of May to view the glorious wonder the Elle team is gonna do with the British star. Come on Beckham’s give us a break, you just keep winning our hearts all the time.
You can check out the photoshoot by the Elle team at this link

Dangerously in Love

The other day I was mega surprised at the response the first tweet by celebrity love Beyonce evoked in people. It was one tweet that was probably done by an intern or publicist yet it got over 6000 retweets getting people emotional and all that. I wonder what reaction people have to her tumblr page. Yes that's right, Beyonce has a tumblr page, I guess being a mother has got her feeling the urge to connect with her fans more. These are my favourite pictures posted by her:

Check out her tumblr page for yourself but I must warn you it's an endless scroll with every picture leading you to fall more dangerously in love with her.

Vogue Meets The World

I've gotta say I'm really impressed with the way Conde Nast has been opening up to aspiring fashion moguls. First of all announcing a Vogue College for next year October, I mean who wouldn't want a degree from Vogue and then the Vogue Festival where you get to meet and hear some of the biggest names in the fashion industry from editors to models to fashion designers and international photographers. Boy oh boy was I mega excited when I heard there was a student discount ticket as well that goes for £20!!!

As if that was not enough to get me excited, Vogue and GQ have teamed up with Westfield to bring us a one night only exclusive event with canapes, champagne and of course fashion on the 18th of April 2012. I was there for the Harper's Bazaar event so I can assure you that you would not be disappointed with this. Aside the numerous discounts from your favourite stores in the Village, the Vogue and GQ team would be there to give us their expertise advice on styling and grouping. And the best part, wait for it, wait for it, it's absolutely FREE to enter. See you there.

For Vogue Festival Tickets click here;
For Vogue and GQ meets Westfield ticket click here:

Monday, 9 April 2012


I don't do well with silence, no. Don't ever keep me in suspense. As much as I hate the phrase "we need to talk" I'd take it over silence any day any time. We're supposed to be friends right? Why do I feel like you're distancing yourself away from me? It takes two to make it work and this aint no relationship but this aint no ordinary friendship either.

We were like bestfriends; my ride or die bitch. We were like a pair of compasses, always together no matter how far the other one roamed. It didn't matter that we had only known each other for a short period, you already felt like a childhood friend.

But now it seems like I don't even fit in your world anymore. Like you no longer want me in the picture and you're gradually painting over me. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. This would have never happened if you hadn't... never mind. Again the paranoia.

I'm not ready to lose another friend; that's too much a pain to bear. I just wish you could see me and not through me like you're doing right now...

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Words of Wisdom

Your beliefs become your thoughts. 
Your thoughts become your words. 
Your words become your actions. 
Your actions become your habits. 
Your habits become your values. 
Your values become your destiny

Words from Mahatma Gandhi

Black Women Empowerment

I am soo pro black and no I am not racist. I love seeing black women making it out there in the world and recognise them when they do so. I couldn't stop blushing like a little girl when I saw Rihanna cover Elle US May edition. And while I'm digging the picture I'm not too sure about the new hair colour Riri.

Summer Abs

Every year I tell myself I'm gonna work towards a "beach body" I'm currently munching on crackers and cheese as I blog *sigh* but then I watch tv and see all these sexy women and feel motivated to do something about my own body. Hey! don't get me wrong I'm not fat and I do not get opressed easily, I just don't ever want to have a low self esteem cause of my body. If you don't like the way you look, change it. There's no calculus in that. Don't sit around with a big tub of Ben and Jerry's loathing the women in the Victoria Secret collection that I am currently eyeing.

I've got my eyes on this nice abs right here, have mercy! I gotta lose this belly fat . So here's my guide to achieving a better beach body
1) You've gotta have a plan and you have to be pretty damn committed to it as well. Don't start a diet and quit after two days. Think military if you're gonna do this. It's not for the faint hearted.
2) Lose the greasy fast food will ya? That's not helping any one of us. Next time turn your face the other way, snot your nose and hold your head high when passing KFC, Mcdonalds, Subway or BK. Stick to healthy colourful diets by colourful I mean vegetables. I hear a protein diet is very good for losing weight too.
3) Add Soda to the list of things you need to cut back as well as late night eating. It aint good for you *gulps sprite* trust me when I say this *rubs bulging tummy* While you're giving up soda, take up water. Before and After a meal; before because it fills you up that way you eat less portions of food and after to help digestion.
4) Exercise more; burn calories. The tummy aint gonna go flat by just changing your diet. Walking, Running, Sit Ups, Pilates, Zumba there are alot of exercises out there to help you. Cardio does good for your tummy and no you don't have to work out for an hour, 20 minutes of cardio a day is good for you. I know I'm gonna start running from tomorrow. So see you out there at 7 a.m. Don't be late.

Red Soles S/S 12

Oh but you know just how much I love shoes right? Imagine my excitement when I laid eyes on Christian Louboutin's Spring/Summer '12 collection, two words; multiple orgasms ;). Feed your eyes and get those orders rolling,you're gonna need some red soles to strut down the streets this spring.

Thank you Christian, you really know how to make a girl feel like a goddess. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Power Within

Well, here we are again, Freddie, Mona and Angie. Wondering who's been shot... good news is everyone's still alive and no one was shot. Should someone have been shot? Yes!! Who? Maybe Freddie for playing with her heart like that or Mona for breaking her heart and betraying her trust? or perhaps herself; for being so blind to the obvious. She could have taken the shot, she should have at both of them or all of them, but she decided to shut the voices in her head and do the unthinkable. She walked away.
Unexpected? I know. But what would she have gained from shooting either? Lose the one man she thought she was gonna spend the rest of her life with just an hour ago? or the girl she had not only called her best friend for the past 18 years but had come to be a sister to her... surely it would have been a devastating move for she would have ended up in jail and have to carry the guilt with her forever. Would she have felt happy for revenging? yes for a short period before the reality of her actions dawned on her and scarred her more.
Most times we find ourselves in Angie's shoes. When we've been wronged and want to revenge but should take the bigger step to forgive. Everyone has the power to forgive, yet when we decide to hold a grudge, we lose that power in bits. Forgiving brings a peace of mind, maybe not immediately, maybe after hurting; give or take but it does. 
So with the little bit of strength she could muster, Angie picked up her dress, took off her wedding band and walked out of the room without so much a glance at her little audience and dismayed hostages; who secretly tried to hide their relief at still being alive. Behind she left a past she never wished to return to and with a sigh, the tears began to roll. She was going to begin her hurting process and then forgive and then move on with life because regardless of what goes down, life goes on. Most importantly, you can't live with vengeance in your heart, it eats you up.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Sixth Sense

What should have just been friends having lunch in one of their favourite department stores turned out to be a discovery of a sixth sense. It was a lovely day and we were having lunch on the top floor of Selfridges, when I then excused myself to use the bathroom. As I passed The White Company stall, my senses were drawn in to what one can only describe as an alluring and sense awakening scent. Now I've never been one for candles but I knew I'd be dumb to walk out of there without one so I picked up this candle to sniff it; Wild Mint the body said but my senses had been taken into a world where it was calm and peaceful with no worries with a waterfall and colourful butterflies fluttering their wings and a rainbow arched above my head, indeed this was a soothing scent, one I wanted to sleep to and wake up to for as long as it burned. Sitting in a white porcelain holder and a mixture of spearmint, peppermint and white tea I stayed locked in the moment, eyes closed, savouring each second that the smell lingered in my memory. That is of course till the Sale Assistant's voice boomed over in my head bringing me back to reality. Never ever did I think mint could smell soo goood, I just had to have it. So with gleaming eyes and a lovestruck smile I cooed "I'll take it". Now as the candle burns my bedside I find myself slowly drift away into what I call La La Land...

What's in the Grapevine?

Oh but have you heard about the Vogue Festival? Honestly if you're trying to make it into the fashion industry then this is the right event for you. Imagine a room full of successful people in the fashion industry, sitting and letting you in on the business... intrigued are you? And now for the three W's
When: April 20th and 21st
Where: Royal Geographic Society
Who: Think big brands like Dolce&Gabbana, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Models like Laura Bailey and Edie Campbell and men who have given photography a new meaning; David Bailey and Vogue editors such as Alexandra Schulman and Lisa Armstrong.

I honestly can't think of a better place to be that weekend and it may cost a good £75 per session but I believe that the knowledge I'm gonna walk out of that place with would be worth every penny. It better be.....

Link for tickets:


              *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* there we are all in the room, me, him and her, the gun aimed. The deafening silence and tear-stricken faces. A mocked and betrayed bride, an adulterer of a husband and a backstabbing friend.
I was his bride of four hours and she was my best friend of 18 years. It was supposed to be a perfect day. Every girls dream; her wedding day. But here I was my tear-stricken face, mascara smudged and foundation ruined.
I noticed something was missing as I sat down on the table, family and friends were all dancing, eating, mingling, gnawing each other’s heads and just doing their thing. But the groom was nowhere to be found and so my brides maid. So I gathered my layer of gown to set out for my bridesmaid to keep me company. I checked the kitchen but she wasn’t there, neither was she at the bridal room with the other bridesmaids nor was she at the fountain where almost all singles were. I walked into my room but she wasn’t there so I concluded that she went somewhere to get away from all the socialising as that week had been hectic for both of us. ‘’lucky girl,’’ I thought, she could get away but I couldn’t. Then I decided to look for my husband so we could dance to our song. I checked with the grooms men but they hadn’t seen him, I checked the parlour but only the fathers and uncles were there watching football, I checked the bar and also all the rooms in the mansion but he was nowhere to be found. Weird I thought to myself. Then I realised I hadn’t checked the guest room. He could be there for a fag I said to myself. So I picked up my garment and plastered my bright smile on my face. As I approached I heard moaning and smelt sex in the air. I giggled at the thought of people getting it on at a wedding. Then I heard Mona’s voice and blushed to myself, so Mona was getting her groove on instead of keeping me company, the little tweet. I felt envious of my best friend that she was getting some company while I couldn’t even find my husband. Then I turned to go till I stopped dead in my tracks. Was it me or did Mona say ‘’Freddie’’ in her bit of ecstasy. I shook my head and started going off again. Perhaps it was cause I was thinking of him, then I heard his voice. In a mini second I was in the room, Mona and Freddie in what I can only describe as an unholy and in despicable best friend and my husband of four hours.
The tears started gushing down with no control. I stared from face to face for a minute and walked away. I ran past my mum who was waiting for me with arms wide open and her friends who she had been bragging to about me, I couldn’t stop and I knew I was leaving concerned looks on people’s faces. I ran up to the study, to the shelf and started pushing books out of the way. Where was that damn gun when you needed it? I kept searching frantically till I found it. By then the pair were successfully in the room. I walked quietly to the door bolted it and flung the key out the window, all the while hiding the gun in my massive wedding dress (thank God for big gowns). Mona started crying and apologising saying she didn’t want to ruin my day, it happened like that she wasn’t thinking and Freddie, still calling me baby at this point and saying he was tempted and he was weak, so what happened to a quick shag with the bride he had to go for the bridesmaid, was it cause her gown was easier to get out of? Tempted my ass, I pulled the gun out and that shut them up.
‘’Angie drop that thing please,’’ Freddie said softly
‘’w-w-where did you get that from?’’ Mona stammered ‘’please put it away’’
I only flashed a smile and said ‘’ there’s one bullet here and I’d want to use it wisely so shut up while I pick, you both betrayed me, do you know how bad I hurt right now? You didn’t think you would get caught didn’t you? Well life has a funny way of snitching out and this is me revenging. Mona is this your present to me? Freddie what happened to the sweet guy who captured my heart, whom I fell in love with and exchanged vows with four hours ago? This is the lifetime love you promised? You couldn’t wait one year to sleep out of our marital bed? Really? Were you that desperate? Or horny? I just don’t get it. The both of you own a half of my life, you took me for granted and this is me standing up for what you’ve done. I'm gonna have to kill one of you or better yet injure you so you’ll remember this day and I don’t care If I get thrown in jail but you two are not getting off easily. One of you just has to suffer with me. ’’ the horrific expressions on their faces told me they were shocked. Quiet Angie always being an angel and here she was deciding who to kill. Life is ironic isn’t it?
‘’Mona how could you do this to me after 18 years of friendship?’’ I asked crying but still holding the gun defensively. ‘’and Freddie if it was Mona you wanted why go through this stress?’’ I said gesturing with one hand to the gala going on in the garden of our home. Anger and disgust crept over me in a second and what they had done, the deed, the betrayal, the shame, the mockery everything dawned on me and I hated myself more than I did the criminals. I looked at Freddie one last time and then at Mona switching the aim with the look, Mona’s tears only increased when the gun was pointed at her and Freddie pleaded with his eyes. I heard my brother pounding on the door asking what was wrong and my mum, God bless her soul, asking why I was crying on my wedding day. I shot a look at the both of them to not say a word about them being held hostage. I silently asked God for forgiveness and one look at the both of them I pointed the gun and shot.

Watch out for tomorrow's post to find out who she shot.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chameleon Lady

Wanna know who this month's woman of inspiration is? None other than the lady who is taking over the fashion world slowly; Victoria Beckham.
Of course you didn't expect me to liken her to a chameleon but what characteristic is often accompanied with a chameleon if not its ever changing character? Victoria Beckham has gone from the girl with bad skin thanks to acne while growing up to pop star wannabe in girl band to a WAG/lover to mother and now queen of fashion. Talk about accomplishments *phew* Ever since she won the Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, Victoria has really shown us what she's capable of. For those of you who expected her to stop at WAG she went further just like her book title says "That Extra Half An Inch".

One of my really good friends got me that book last month and I  spent the next 4 days completely absorbed in that book. I missed train stops and had late nights cause of that book but it was a good read. I felt like I personally connected with Victoria by reading that book, not only did she pick apart fashion and break it down for even a man to understand, she made some personal confessions that showed that she's just as human as we are. Though we see her poker face in the tabloids, with huge sunglasses and red sole heels that tower on forever, she is in fact quite down to earth. And I'm not the only one who seems to think so, read her interview with Sarah Bailey on Harper's Bazaar May issue. Funny she's the cover of Harper's Bazaar and her daughter's name is Harper too. Lovely coincidence ey?

She's my woman of inspiration because she shows that pushing an extra mile will really pay off, though she was really exhausted from the New York Fashion Week and it showed on her petite frame, her hard work really paid off. Winning that award just set aside a gold pave for her to gracefully walk on. Nothing comes easy of course. Not only does she exude confidence but success as well; loving wife, supermum, business woman, British icon and now fashion queen. Her fashion line appeals to me because it is so personal it is exactly what you would picture Victoria wearing; it's an ultra focus of her personal style. Be sure to check out her Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection, I know I've got my eyes on some of those demure dresses.

"Whether you've got £20 to spend in topshop or £2000 to spend at Gucci, looking good isn't about money, it's about style and style never goes out of fashion"
                                                                      -Victoria Beckham

Who you are

I only heard this song today and it feels like every word speaks to me. In the journey through life, sometimes we find ourselves losing track of who we truly are; who we should be. I've known people who have let circumstances change their personality, I've met people who start out with the aim to change the world and then let the world change them along the way. Is it hard growing  up? Hell yeah. I know I made some pretty bad decisions in the past and i still do occasionally but once I caught my reflection in the mirror and no one had to tell me that's not who I was meant to be and I told myself no matter how tempted I get to change who I am to fit in I wouldn't. Once you know who you are no one can take that away from you.

Sometimes we're tempted with the idea of creating a perfect fa├žade but like Jessie said it's okay to not be okay. If you keep wearing a mask too long you might one day forget who you truly are and start to believe in the beautiful lie you created. No one is perfect, in fact I like to think I am flawed to perfection. I'm soo imperfect that it has become my perfection, no one else can laugh silly like I can nor can they have the same flaws as me. As you run this race I have only one thing to say to you "Just be yourself, whatever happens they can't take that away from you". Just be true to who you are........