Sunday, 29 April 2012

Anger Management

Do you know what isn't out of fashion? angry letters. oh yes. I don't need any therapist to tell me how to deal with my anger. When I'm angry I usually smash something or cry. But today I decided to write an angry letter. I used to do it before. Dunno why I stopped. I'm tired of being the sweet girl every one tramps on, so today when I had had enough, I took my pen, paper and wrote a hate letter to my offender(s). And goodness me, I had to shred it or someone would have been burnt from the heat of the letter. It helps you know. Of course you can't walk up to them and yell out all the surpressed anger and curse words you can think of. Well you can but that would be barbaric right? and as a lady that is totally unacceptable. So write them a letter in your fury and shred it up when you're done. Then take a deep breath, drink some chamomile tea/eat chocolates/ice cream (whatever your comfort food is) or listen to classical music or better yet take a walk for fresh air. After all you might need a bit of fresh air to wipe out all the hateful thoughts still left. And since it's too late for me to take a walk, I'm just going to stand on my corridor and let the sweet whisper of the wind be my music for the night. 

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