Tuesday, 3 April 2012



.....so there we are all in the room, me, him and her, the gun aimed. The deafening silence and tear-stricken faces. A mocked and betrayed bride, an adulterer of a husband and a backstabbing friend.
I was his bride of four hours and she was my best friend of 18 years. It was supposed to be a perfect day. Every girls dream; her wedding day. But here I was my tear-stricken face, mascara smudged and foundation ruined.
I noticed something was missing as I sat down on the table, family and friends were all dancing, eating, mingling, gnawing each other’s heads and just doing their thing. But the groom was nowhere to be found and so my brides maid. So I gathered my layer of gown to set out for my bridesmaid to keep me company. I checked the kitchen but she wasn’t there, neither was she at the bridal room with the other bridesmaids nor was she at the fountain where almost all singles were. I walked into my room but she wasn’t there so I concluded that she went somewhere to get away from all the socialising as that week had been hectic for both of us. ‘’lucky girl,’’ I thought, she could get away but I couldn’t. Then I decided to look for my husband so we could dance to our song. I checked with the grooms men but they hadn’t seen him, I checked the parlour but only the fathers and uncles were there watching football, I checked the bar and also all the rooms in the mansion but he was nowhere to be found. Weird I thought to myself. Then I realised I hadn’t checked the guest room. He could be there for a fag I said to myself. So I picked up my garment and plastered my bright smile on my face. As I approached I heard moaning and smelt sex in the air. I giggled at the thought of people getting it on at a wedding. Then I heard Mona’s voice and blushed to myself, so Mona was getting her groove on instead of keeping me company, the little tweet. I felt envious of my best friend that she was getting some company while I couldn’t even find my husband. Then I turned to go till I stopped dead in my tracks. Was it me or did Mona say ‘’Freddie’’ in her bit of ecstasy. I shook my head and started going off again. Perhaps it was cause I was thinking of him, then I heard his voice. In a mini second I was in the room, Mona and Freddie in what I can only describe as an unholy and in despicable position......my best friend and my husband of four hours.
The tears started gushing down with no control. I stared from face to face for a minute and walked away. I ran past my mum who was waiting for me with arms wide open and her friends who she had been bragging to about me, I couldn’t stop and I knew I was leaving concerned looks on people’s faces. I ran up to the study, to the shelf and started pushing books out of the way. Where was that damn gun when you needed it? I kept searching frantically till I found it. By then the pair were successfully in the room. I walked quietly to the door bolted it and flung the key out the window, all the while hiding the gun in my massive wedding dress (thank God for big gowns). Mona started crying and apologising saying she didn’t want to ruin my day, it happened like that she wasn’t thinking and Freddie, still calling me baby at this point and saying he was tempted and he was weak, so what happened to a quick shag with the bride he had to go for the bridesmaid, was it cause her gown was easier to get out of? Tempted my ass, I pulled the gun out and that shut them up.
‘’Angie drop that thing please,’’ Freddie said softly
‘’w-w-where did you get that from?’’ Mona stammered ‘’please put it away’’
I only flashed a smile and said ‘’ there’s one bullet here and I’d want to use it wisely so shut up while I pick, you both betrayed me, do you know how bad I hurt right now? You didn’t think you would get caught didn’t you? Well life has a funny way of snitching out and this is me revenging. Mona is this your present to me? Freddie what happened to the sweet guy who captured my heart, whom I fell in love with and exchanged vows with four hours ago? This is the lifetime love you promised? You couldn’t wait one year to sleep out of our marital bed? Really? Were you that desperate? Or horny? I just don’t get it. The both of you own a half of my life, you took me for granted and this is me standing up for what you’ve done. I'm gonna have to kill one of you or better yet injure you so you’ll remember this day and I don’t care If I get thrown in jail but you two are not getting off easily. One of you just has to suffer with me. ’’ the horrific expressions on their faces told me they were shocked. Quiet Angie always being an angel and here she was deciding who to kill. Life is ironic isn’t it?
‘’Mona how could you do this to me after 18 years of friendship?’’ I asked crying but still holding the gun defensively. ‘’and Freddie if it was Mona you wanted why go through this stress?’’ I said gesturing with one hand to the gala going on in the garden of our home. Anger and disgust crept over me in a second and what they had done, the deed, the betrayal, the shame, the mockery everything dawned on me and I hated myself more than I did the criminals. I looked at Freddie one last time and then at Mona switching the aim with the look, Mona’s tears only increased when the gun was pointed at her and Freddie pleaded with his eyes. I heard my brother pounding on the door asking what was wrong and my mum, God bless her soul, asking why I was crying on my wedding day. I shot a look at the both of them to not say a word about them being held hostage. I silently asked God for forgiveness and one look at the both of them I pointed the gun and shot.

Watch out for tomorrow's post to find out who she shot.

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