Saturday, 21 April 2012

The New Generation

Well hello there, did you miss me? Sure you did. I'm sorry I've been away, been under stress with school, my new blogging job and deadlines/exams. But not too worry you'll always be my first love and that's why I'm posting here and not my other job *covers face* I have soo much to tell you about the Vogue Festival but first gotta share this train experience of yesterday.

So while I was on the train to the Vogue Festival I noticed this young pretty girl sitting with her class and teacher, who were probably on their way to a class trip. I watched as she brushed down her long hair while smoothing it out, my guess is she was Indian from the hair length. I was fascinated by the way she looked as well. On her hair was a headband with a blue glitter butterfly and she also had glitter socks on, she sat with her legs crossed in the most grown up lady like manner and had a pink Hello Kitty bag. Out of this bag, she pulled out a small compact mirror, now I noticed I wasn't the only one lost in her little world as others watched her in her vain routine. Then she started smoothing her eyebrows with her index fingers and plucking out her lashes that were in the way. I chuckled to myself at this, she was most likely six or seven and there she was doing a beauty routine on the tube. She knew we were watching but she didn't care. I liked that.

I was sad that my train ride had to come to an end, I was waiting to see if she was gonna bring out red lipstick and do a lip smack as well or spritz on some perfume. She truly got my attention and others and was definitely a fashionista in the making. Truth is she's not the only one out there, there is a whole generation of them. Yesterday even Stella McCartney admitted her kids were little fashionistas that tottered around in her heels and  tried on different accessories of hers. What we have now is a fashion generation, less doctors, less engineers and more Fashion Photographers, Models, Designers and Journalists. Say hello to a new world...

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