Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Power Within

Well, here we are again, Freddie, Mona and Angie. Wondering who's been shot... good news is everyone's still alive and no one was shot. Should someone have been shot? Yes!! Who? Maybe Freddie for playing with her heart like that or Mona for breaking her heart and betraying her trust? or perhaps herself; for being so blind to the obvious. She could have taken the shot, she should have at both of them or all of them, but she decided to shut the voices in her head and do the unthinkable. She walked away.
Unexpected? I know. But what would she have gained from shooting either? Lose the one man she thought she was gonna spend the rest of her life with just an hour ago? or the girl she had not only called her best friend for the past 18 years but had come to be a sister to her... surely it would have been a devastating move for she would have ended up in jail and have to carry the guilt with her forever. Would she have felt happy for revenging? yes for a short period before the reality of her actions dawned on her and scarred her more.
Most times we find ourselves in Angie's shoes. When we've been wronged and want to revenge but should take the bigger step to forgive. Everyone has the power to forgive, yet when we decide to hold a grudge, we lose that power in bits. Forgiving brings a peace of mind, maybe not immediately, maybe after hurting; give or take but it does. 
So with the little bit of strength she could muster, Angie picked up her dress, took off her wedding band and walked out of the room without so much a glance at her little audience and dismayed hostages; who secretly tried to hide their relief at still being alive. Behind she left a past she never wished to return to and with a sigh, the tears began to roll. She was going to begin her hurting process and then forgive and then move on with life because regardless of what goes down, life goes on. Most importantly, you can't live with vengeance in your heart, it eats you up.

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