Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vogue Fashion Festival Day 1

Day 1 of the Vogue Fashion Festival was an amazing success but of course it had to be. Although the weather was wet and gloomy outside, on the inside it was a different world; totally eccentric and vibrant. We had different successful people from different aspects of fashion come talk to us from Christopher Bailey in conversation with Alexandra Schulman to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and a talk panel by Lisa Armstrong, Laura Bailey, Edie Campbell, Pixie Geldorf, Mary Portas and Anne Robinson. It was delightful.

Judging as I’m such a huge Fan of Dolce and Gabanna the highlight of my day was when I got a picture with Stefano Gabanna, unfortunately Domenico was nowhere to be found. In their talk with Alexandra Schulman I got to see a different side to the Italian duo. They told us of how fashion led to a love story and that three things are very important in inspiring them; Amore (Love), Famgua( Family) and Itauanita (Italian Spirit). Of course the third is no surprise as we’ve seen their Italian background influence their collections deeply. “Family is very important… a sense of unity” Domenico confesses to which Stefano added that family is “a good way of feeling the warmth of love”. When asked about their choice to use Madonna for their add campaign, Stefano replies “Fashion isn’t only for young people” adding how Madonna was perfect because she was versatile to which Alexandra replies “She’s every woman”. Good one Alex. Their fashion advice to us was to always believe in ourselves and be dedicated in order to be successful. While Domenico was a charming sight to see, Stefano never failed to provide comic relief. It was an honour to not only hear what they had to say but also meet Stefano and have a two-minute conversation with him and a picture I’ll forever cherish.

Next on the list was the panel discussion, Too Young? Too Old? Does Fashion have an age limit? This truly was a funny conversation as the ladies; Lisa, Laura, Edia, Pixie, Mary and Anne did not hesitate to make the crowd laugh with their views on fashion today and the appropriate age to wear and do certain fashion norms. The most important thing they said was there is no pressure to look good on TV and this feeling is merely self imposed most especially with women. The audience had alot of questions to ask most especially a lady who aimed directly at Anne Robinson saying she didn’t see why women felt the need to stick needles in their faces Ouch!

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