Thursday, 31 May 2012


Most of you watch the TV series Revenge right? if not you should star. I mean it's summer, you can't possibly complain about not having time :p. Anyways I only just started some days ago and by that I mean 3 days ago and i'm already on the 14th episode hehehee. While it's been a pleasure watching her plot her revenge I can't help but link it to reality. She's been plotting her revenge for say what, over 10 years. WOW isn't that a really long time to hold a grudge? I get that these people took everything from her and it's pretty hard to let go but let's face it the show must go on. Her whole life has been on hold for a long time, she has probably not lived because all she's been thinking about is getting revenge for her father's death. hmmmn I can't help but wonder what comes after that? Let's say she gets her revenge and then what? does she expect peace of mind to come after that? after deceiving and hurting a number of people in the process? I can bet you that when she does, she's gonna look around her and realise that she put her life on hold and kept a grudge, the weight of the world on her shoulders, deprived herself from happiness to destroy the woman who accused her father, this same woman whom karma had already started catching up with?

Alot of us in life are like Emily/Amanda, holding unnecessary grudges and plotting a revenge in the dead cold of the night. Y'all just keep stressing yourselves. Didn't anyone tell you life's too short? and even if no one has well I'm telling you. Why stress when you can let karma take it's toll on them, no matter the pace it takes to catch up on them. Plus I don't know about you but I've been told forgiveness is the best revenge. 

That Extra Half An Inch Photoshoot Con'td

I had fun taking these pictures and editing them. Thanks to all the models and the supporters. Much Love

That Extra Half An Inch Photoshoot day 2

These are all my pictures :D

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

That Extra Half An Inch Part 1

Work, Shoes and Life

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while. My laptop crashed and I'm yet to get a new one. Hopefully this would be the last long break I would have from not posting. I've been up to alot. Just finished exams (yaaaaaay me) and I decided to have a photoshoot based on shoes inspired by Victoria Beckham's That Extra Half An Inch. Would be posting the pictures in my following posts, hope you enjoy them.


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fashion Buy Of The Day

I'm loving River Island's new collection but not as much as I love the tube pencil skirts with the frill waistline. Nothing says sophisticated and sexy like this skirt which comes in two neutral colours; black and white. Every woman MUST have a pencil skirt because not only does it flatter your shape, it holds everything in and gives off a gorgeous hourglass shape. With a 50s silhouette, this fashion piece remains timeless. Pair it with a fitted shirt, a good bra and some high heels and you're good to go. Wear it right and it might just land you a date ;)

Sunday, 6 May 2012


One fateful day my friends and I were having lunch at Selfridges when the idea to try out fortune cookies popped in my head. Now that was my first time ever so imagine my disappointment when my fortune read "your lucky flower is tulips". My facial expression was literally like this -_-, I mean I liked flowers but I never really appreciated tulips. Some weeks later,one of my friends from that day sent me a bouquet of flowers that turned out to be tulips. I was an excited bunny when I saw the flowers but still didn't see any connection from the fortune cookie to my life. Now don't judge me for my ignorance but the truth is I never knew that tulips blossomed after some days, I had always seen them in their bulbs. So I put the flowers in a crystal vase and set them at the kitchen window. Today while chatting over lunch with my sister, I looked over at the blossoming flowers and admitted that I didn't know that they bloomed after some days and then told her the story of the fortune cookie. After laughing at my ignorance she then said to me " Look closely at those tulips, at first when you saw them in their buds you underestimated them and now you're amazed at their beautiful petals. So that's how the world is going to see you, first of all underestimate you and then be surprised by your capabilities." I liked what I heard but as I kept staring hard at the tulips I realized something else. One day when I had forgotten to water the tulips, the peduncle (stalks) began to bend over but as soon as I watered them they sprung back up with time and my interpretation is this: I would have ups and downs in this lifetime but one thing is for sure I may bend but I definitely won't break!

NB: Above is a picture of my blooming tulips. Hope you love them just as much as I do.

Friday, 4 May 2012

The Trigger

Said you don't love me no more
No explanation, you walked right out the doors
I should have let it end there
Should have let you go
Let you get your happy ending
And pray to God that she loved you just as much as I did
But you see I'm selfish
I just wanted you to myself, what we had
I just couldn't let go like that
Watch another woman on your arms?
Well I'll be damned
If I couldn't have you no one else could
With tear streaked eyes and running mascara
I climbed up the stairs to your doom
Gun in one hand, fury in my heart
Walked in on you, had no idea what I was about to do
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
And you ain't ever seen fire like the one I was gonna cause
Not one word muttered, I pulled the trigger
Right through your heart, hoped you felt it too
Hope you felt the agonizing pain rip through you too
Standing in your pool of blood your eyes staring through my soul
I don't for one second regret it
I always wanted a fairy tale life,
Maybe this could be my Romeo and Juliet ending
So I put the gun to my head and pull the trigger

NB: I am not psychotic or suffering from a broken heart. Just wanted to write from a dark place ;) 

The Scar

A dark soul and stone cold heart I own
On the floor in the middle of pills is where I lay
Drowning my liver in alcohol
One shot for the pain, drown away the thoughts
Killing my lungs with every drag
Way up high, not ready to touch the ground
You see I'm just trying to numb out the feeling
It should have never happened
Should have never let you in
Should have never let my heart fall
Should have never let it get soo deep
Now as I sit here with a blank stare on my face
and a dark cloud over my head
The voices in my head that I shut out for so long
Scorn and laugh at me, reminding me how stupid I was
You left me broken and wounded
Right where my heart should have been is
Nothing but a scar......