Thursday, 31 May 2012


Most of you watch the TV series Revenge right? if not you should star. I mean it's summer, you can't possibly complain about not having time :p. Anyways I only just started some days ago and by that I mean 3 days ago and i'm already on the 14th episode hehehee. While it's been a pleasure watching her plot her revenge I can't help but link it to reality. She's been plotting her revenge for say what, over 10 years. WOW isn't that a really long time to hold a grudge? I get that these people took everything from her and it's pretty hard to let go but let's face it the show must go on. Her whole life has been on hold for a long time, she has probably not lived because all she's been thinking about is getting revenge for her father's death. hmmmn I can't help but wonder what comes after that? Let's say she gets her revenge and then what? does she expect peace of mind to come after that? after deceiving and hurting a number of people in the process? I can bet you that when she does, she's gonna look around her and realise that she put her life on hold and kept a grudge, the weight of the world on her shoulders, deprived herself from happiness to destroy the woman who accused her father, this same woman whom karma had already started catching up with?

Alot of us in life are like Emily/Amanda, holding unnecessary grudges and plotting a revenge in the dead cold of the night. Y'all just keep stressing yourselves. Didn't anyone tell you life's too short? and even if no one has well I'm telling you. Why stress when you can let karma take it's toll on them, no matter the pace it takes to catch up on them. Plus I don't know about you but I've been told forgiveness is the best revenge. 

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