Sunday, 6 May 2012


One fateful day my friends and I were having lunch at Selfridges when the idea to try out fortune cookies popped in my head. Now that was my first time ever so imagine my disappointment when my fortune read "your lucky flower is tulips". My facial expression was literally like this -_-, I mean I liked flowers but I never really appreciated tulips. Some weeks later,one of my friends from that day sent me a bouquet of flowers that turned out to be tulips. I was an excited bunny when I saw the flowers but still didn't see any connection from the fortune cookie to my life. Now don't judge me for my ignorance but the truth is I never knew that tulips blossomed after some days, I had always seen them in their bulbs. So I put the flowers in a crystal vase and set them at the kitchen window. Today while chatting over lunch with my sister, I looked over at the blossoming flowers and admitted that I didn't know that they bloomed after some days and then told her the story of the fortune cookie. After laughing at my ignorance she then said to me " Look closely at those tulips, at first when you saw them in their buds you underestimated them and now you're amazed at their beautiful petals. So that's how the world is going to see you, first of all underestimate you and then be surprised by your capabilities." I liked what I heard but as I kept staring hard at the tulips I realized something else. One day when I had forgotten to water the tulips, the peduncle (stalks) began to bend over but as soon as I watered them they sprung back up with time and my interpretation is this: I would have ups and downs in this lifetime but one thing is for sure I may bend but I definitely won't break!

NB: Above is a picture of my blooming tulips. Hope you love them just as much as I do.

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  1. I Love this!! you are definitely a tulip xx