Friday, 15 June 2012

Short sighted

Dear diary, Just today I found out a colleaugue of mine was gay, someone I spoke to almost everyday, my friends couldn't stop laughing at my shocked facial expression when I was told. They couldn't believe I missed out all the signs to which they retorted that my "gaydar" was terrible; almost non existent. In my defence I don't look at people and try to figure out their sexual lives; what they do behind closed doors does not concern me -_-. However on the train ride I kept thinking, it's not just me right? These things happen. Are we really that blind to society? That we don't really see what's going on? Today it's someone coming out of the closet, tomorrow its a suburban wife with the perfect life committing suicide. Everyone wears a mask; this I know. Of course it is not your responsibility to know the troubles of the person seated next to you on the train but what about your loved ones? They will put up a facade and pretend to be happy but don't get too blinded by this that you miss the big picture until something fatal happens. Not everyone likes to show that vulnerable side, but could you really live with the guilt of knowing you could have done something but were to "blind" to see it? Make it a habit to look beyond what you see. Love, B

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