Thursday, 19 July 2012


Imagine you had somewhere to be and you were locked in your home; you have your keys but the door just won't open. What's worse than the frustrated feeling of knowing you're gonna be late but can't do anything about it till the locksmith comes? Well I found myself in that situation today when my sister jammed the lock and I had somewhere to be by 6. At first I continued getting dressed with the faith that somehow the door would be open by the time I was done. That was 5:20p.m

5:30p.m By now our neighbours have come over to help us out. Everyone is joking about it, joking about breaking down the door. My sister especially is laughing the loudest, trying not to get pissed off I walk away and decide to clean my room. It's what I do when I'm trying not to get upset.

By 5:45 I call in to tell them I might be running late and explain my situation to them. Wise huh? Anyways I decide to get a salad to eat and realise that the salad in the fridge is expired. Could my day get any worse? I should be screaming by now but I just take a deep breath and say a quick prayer to God. The clock is ticking and the locksmith isn't due to arrive till the next 30 minutes *sigh*

And then my sister suggests I climb out through the window; which by the way only opens up wide enough for a squirrel. Imagine?! Even if it was big enough how would I climb out the window of MY OWN FLAT like a thief. At this point I decide to try the lock since everyone else had tried to no avail. As I do so I'm quietly praying to God to help me out here. At first nothing changes; the lock won't just budge and I'm tempted to have an outburst there and then but I just take a deep breath and try again. And gbam the door opens and I'm crowned the superhero for the day. Haha Ikid. 

My point is somedays you're gonna find all odds working against you and when you think you're gonna burst out just take a deep breath and everything would be just fine. It's a simple theory; before you speak, before you react, before you walk away or do something stupid; just BREATHE.

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