Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Last Cherished Moment

As I stood by her bedside in silence,
Life ebbed from her with every breath she took
Helpless, I stood and watched
There was nothing I could do to change this

Those strong arms that once lifted me,
Twirled me around the room with pride,
And spanked me when I did wrong
Now those arms lay lifeless beside her

And those ample bosom where I once laid my head,
She would play with my hair and tell me stories,
Now caved back in,
I watched as she took her last breaths

Those eyes which twinkled with love,
And the lips with which she blessed me
Her hearty laughter and her nightingale voice
All these I would miss

Defeated I knelt down beside her
'Mama' I called out softly, almost too softly,
Scared that if I was any louder
My voice would break her bones

Slowly she turned to look at me,
She recognised my voice and she smiled at me,
I placed a palm over her frail one
And she took mine in and squeezed gently

It took alot from her, she closed her eyes again
The tear, like clouds before the storm, begin to gather in my eyes
I called out her name again, this time a little louder
She opens her eyes and they are twinkling

And then she gave me the same smile
That she gave me every night before I went to bed
She took one last breath; it was a soft sigh
She was gone before my very eyes

The tears began to roll and time stood still
And all too soon I was whisked away from your side.
And then my heart dropped
Shattered into a million pieces.

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  1. Did this happen for real or this is just you putting ur pen to work ? If yes den .. May Her soul RIP !<3 I LoVE ur blog . I'm a big fan :)