Friday, 13 July 2012

What's in your bag by Anne Marie

Well this is my very fortunate "luggage" bag ( I call it that cause it serves as a luggage, I kid not -_-) and I use it basically for work as I tend to throw random things in on my way due to my lateness (let's not call it that shall we, how about fashionably late?). First is the bag in general; in it I carry my memo pad and pen always (as a banker we need to be tres serious) just to jot random websites I find while browsing and to doodle when I'm patiently waiting for 5pm to hit the clock. Joke! but yeah that's the first.

Secondly, I always have my two scarves; a pashmina my mum gave me and a vintage one I found, it gets cold at the office so I wrap myself looking like an eskimo without a care in the world. Next is my purse with my money obviously and some horrendous passport pictures I hope no one ever finds. I got this wallet in Dubai. I like that it's just plain black and suede and it can double as a purse. Next is my retro sunnies. I copped this bad boy at the market in lagos (yup, that deep, lol) and I hold on to them like it's my last breath. Following on the list is my almost dead hairbrush which for some reason I haven't thrown away because, well because I forget to. But hey I use it anyway. The ever faithful  gala wrapper that I've refused to throw away since how many years. Kidding! I snack on gala alot so that's what is left of my ever tasty gala (don't worry I eat normal food as well). To accompany my gala is my half bottle of fanta beside my bag.

The least and surely not the last items in my work bag are my compact powder, lippes from Victoria Secret and my Givenchy eau de toilette perfume. A girl's gotta stay fresh 24/7 right? So that's basically my handbag story :). Seeing as this is my work bag and I love Bondi ever dearly I'll probably send in a post of my day bag. Until then cash ya larra...x

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