Saturday, 14 July 2012

What's in your bag by Naima

This is my everyday 'random' bag which I carry my essentials in. The five items I can't live home without are my glasses, my ipod, a wallet containing my bus passes and I.Ds, a notebook for writing and my V.I.P which stands for very important purse (creative right?)

My very important purse contains my essentials, that is, basically everything that i need to have in my bag; coin purse, lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer, perfume, chewing gum, panadol and things like that. I tend to be a neat freak so I like my tiny bits and pieces stowed away in an organised purse like this. That way it isn't a freaking jungle when you deep your hands into my bag.

I never really carry anything in my bag that I wouldn't need, well maybe sometimes but you will always find these items in my bag.



  1. Yes Naims I can testify to you being a neat freak. Lol! Your always tidy bag made me get a VIP! Hehe..
    P.s I miss you!!