Monday, 23 July 2012

What's in your bag by Nana Skari

A wise woman once said a lady must be two things; classy and fabulous. So it is no surprise that Coco Chanel is one of my fashion icons. I know they say that the contents of the bag tell about the character of a woman but I feel like the bag/purse she holds says more as that is what the observer sees first before rummaging one's bag. I love the Chanel flap purse because it portrays me as a sophisticated lady with eternal style as Coco would approve. I could have easily gone for the signature black bag but hey Coco said classy and fabulous not predictable right? ;).

The five items you would always find in my bag? Easy; My blackberry, my sunglasses, my wallet, an umbrella, Mac studio fix foundation and my earphones. Okay so my earphones make it six, but in my defence, the earphones and the phone come as a package deal hehe. Because what's life without music?   Music gives voice to joy, sorrow, ecstasy, pleasure. lamentation and laughter. And when I've got my earphones in, I automatically shut up the whole world. I never leave without my sunglasses because they hide a multitude of sins; they really do. Somedays you just don't feel like wearing any make up and somedays you're really a walking zombie and with the glasses; they are like the bodyguards of your eyes. They shield them away from the world. As for my umbrella, no proper Briton should ever leave home without one. Living here these past 4 years has taught me that even if the sun is shining you best have an umbrella in your bag cause the weather is so unpredictable. You often hear people joke about having the four seasons in one day in England but I tell ya, when you're done laughing do remember to stuff one in your purse as you never really know what might happen. And the studio fix....well... I'm a lady of course I have some form of make up in my purse :p.

By Nana Skari. 
Twitter: @EngrNana.


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