Thursday, 16 August 2012

Meet Brigitte The Lady Behind Green Mamba

Isn’t it wonderful how technology has transformed the way we communicate with each other on a day-to-day basis? Even though she was hundreds of miles away from me it didn’t stop me from interviewing her on her collection for the Africa Fashion Week London magazine. Meet Brigitte Meidinger-Fleckney the brain behind Green Mamba Designs; the clothing line breaking culture barriers to take African fashion to whole new world in Switzerland. Based in Switzerland but loyally burning the torch of her Ghanaian culture, Brigitte expresses her love and aspiration for fashion in this interview. Enjoy the lovely conversation I had with Brigitte and her journey as a fashion designer.

Bondi: Why did you choose fashion design as a career?

Brigitte: I regard myself being very lucky, to have been born and raised up in Ghana. The wonderful environment of my tribe (the Ashanti-tribe), with a strong sense for art and the rich culture of textile, has a very big influence on me and my work as a designer. As a child, I used to admire all women and men, gracefully wearing their "Kente" and all those colourful "Wax-Prints", on their prideful bodies. At the age of six, I then started to dress up my dollies like the grownups and never really stopped doing so, the only difference today, is that my dresses are made for "living dolls".

Bondi: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Brigitte: All kinds of shapes, movements, sounds and colors produce feelings in me.
Out of these feelings, I'm able to play and add my own creativity.
Bondi: Do you see yourself doing collaboration with another designer anytime soon?
Brigitte: I feel very isolated in Switzerland, with my work as a designer. It has been a very hard mission, to bring African textile close to the people. The Swiss-people seem to be afraid of colors and the African-people living here, prefer to spend their money on European and famous labels. And still, I've been very busy doing my own thing that I haven’t come round to think of connecting myself with another designer.
Bondi: Knowing how competitive the fashion industry is, what struggles have you faced and what kept you going?
Brigitte: I hope strongly, that time will change and that people in Europe soon will remember to wear colors to brighten up our good-moods. I'm tired of years and years of black and grey and black!

Bondi: What should we expect from your new collection?
Brigitte: All of my designs are unique and made by request. Unfortunately most of the pieces are with their owners. My time has been too short to work on a new collection. I hope by next year, I should be able to show more of my work at the AFWL.
Bondi: Where do you see your business 5 years from now?
Brigitte: Since I haven't had the chance to open my focus, it is hard for me to say how things will be in 5 years. I hope better than today.

Bondi: Are there other aspects of fashion aside clothing you wish to explore in the future?
Brigitte: I have a very broad interest for nature, beauty, art, design, music, dance and philosophy. Out of all these aspects, I'm able to create my own art. In my work, I create for women, men, children, show-artists, home-interiors, art-objects for exhibition. Something I haven't done yet: I would also love to design shoes.
Bondi: Why did you choose to showcase your design with AFWL?
Brigitte: Since my label "Green Mamba Design" is located in Switzerland, I haven't found a suitable Platform to present my designs. I have been waiting soo long to hear the good news that AFWL has started this Platform for Designers like me. I'm very happy about it
Bondi: What inspired your collection for the fashion show?
Brigitte: Every single piece I create is like music between me and the material. I don't really think of a fashion show when I'm working. However, I hope the few pieces I'm going to show, are suitable for AFWL-Catwalk.

Contact Brigitte on

Green Mamba Design
Brigitte Meidinger-Fleckney
Hasenrainstrasse 9
CH-4102 Binningen

Phone/Fax : 061 321 44 27
Mobile : 079 671 25 20
Internet :
e-mail :
Tuesday-Friday : 14.00-19.00
Saturday : upon agreement

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