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The House of Adjeiwaah Interview.

So here's my interview as promised:

The House of Adjeiwaah
If you’re looking for a fashion line that blends African culture with that of the West in a sophisticated and contemporary manner then the House of Adjeiwaah should be on the top of your list. With the skilful combination of fine African prints in rich colour and texture, this line aims to complement the feminine beauty of every woman from the demure lady to the working lady to the young ladies not afraid to show some skin. With 5 different collections; Kaba Girl, Mini Me, Miss Independent, Runway and Timeless, the House of Adjeiwaah meets the need of different styles of women. And now introducing their new collection; Freedom to be showcased at the Africa Fashion Week London, enjoy the conversation I was privileged to have with the lovely Adjeiwaah; C.E.O of The House of Adjeiwaah;

Why did you choose fashion design as a career?

It has always been apart of my life and who I am, at first it was a hobby I would design for friends and family and then one day it hit me that I would regret it later on in life if I didn't start my own clothing line. The first step was overcoming my fears and becoming confident enough to show others what I interpreted as African & Western Fashion. 

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Majority of the time it is to do with the surroundings in which I find myself in; I could be driving, at a party, in church and a colour or a shape would just trigger off a new style in my head its such an exciting process.

Which international designers do you hope to work with in the future?
I would love to work with Jean Paul Gaultier he is a genius designer and I am a big fan of the Avant Guard look which he does so well. I also love Anita T Quansah London she inspires me alot and her work is so fearless; in the sense that she isn’t afraid to take risks.

I know how competitive the fashion industry is so what struggles have you faced and what kept you going?
I think the struggle is when people don't get you as a designer or your vision and they want you to change your style to fit what they want. This is why I wanted to create a collection called Freedom to have the freedom as an artist to design what i feel is in heart. Also for my audience to have the freedom to decide which of my outfits they relate to and believe reflects their personality.

Name one celebrity you would love to see wear one of your originals

I would love to dress Mary J Blige she is such an inspiration to me she has faced so much adversities but has overcome all of it and manages to still be on top of her game today. As a teenager I grew up listening to her, Jodeci, H-Town so she has a special place in my heart.  Mary J has this aura and an undeniable swag; she can pull off so many varied trends but always puts her own stamp on it, which I define as her Ghetto-chic look.

What should we expect from your new collection?

The House of Adjeiwaah's 2012 Collection is called FREEDOM it is specifically aimed at the fearless youth of today I’ve dedicated it to them as this is a time more so than ever that the younger generation no matter what colour, sex or ethnic background they are embracing Africa print and expressing their interest to represent tribal styles. Even now the high street stores like H&M, Topshop are creating outfits with a touch of print. I want them to see that there is a designer out there that can show an adventurous side and not be confined to a standard box look. I’m addressing them to stand up an have the FREEDOM to define their own sense of fashion and don’t allow others to put them down.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

A reputable and successful designer with my own boutique in both London and Ghana.

Are there other aspects of fashion aside clothing you wish to explore in the future?

I love all forms of Art and I studied English Literature and Language and therefore I would love to write a novel or do some fashion writing.

Why did you choose to showcase your design with AFWL? 

I wanted to set a high standard for myself and I also wanted to get a platform that would allow me to reach out to a varied and wider audience and I knew that AFWL would help me to do this successfully.

What inspired your collection for the fashion show?

I knew that different people of all ages and backgrounds would be attending and I wanted to try and reach out to all of them by creating a collection with a multiple variation of looks. However at this year’s AFWL I will release a second collection and I intend to focus more on one demographic and that will be the refined ladies in their flirty thirties.

The House of Adjeiwaah isn’t just another fashion line but one that likes to give back to its community by raising awareness of different charities that combat child trafficking and abuse in Ghana. Contact the House of Adjeiwaah on

Phone: 07931123456
Fax: (+49 0123) 456-7890

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