Monday, 24 September 2012

Team Delena

Who's excited about the return of The Vampire Diaries on October 11th? I know I am, I'm super duper excited to see what's gonna happen and if Damon would finally get to be with Elena because I am pro Delena. I mean of course it's almost every girl's wish to be caught between two men; wait lemme rephrase that. It's almost every girl's wish to have two men fight for her, not necessarily physically though.

And for a while I might have been Stelena, but let's face it what Damon said at the season 3 finale was the church truth. She (and i'm sort of speaking about most girls) knows he's not right for her but that's the intriguing part about it, that's what draws her to him.
"You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, and adventure and even a little danger."
Am I lying?

Let's take the fictional characters out of context, when a girl is faced with two options; the bad guy who turns her world upside down and sets her on edge and the good calm guy who she just feels safe with, who does she go for? The passion and the danger intoxicate her and draw her to the bad one because well that's just girls, we do shit that can't be explained. We know we need the nice guy to keep us safe but then it gets boring and it will get boring and girls do get bored easily right? So they opt for the one who keeps them on their toes even though they know that he's most likely going to hurt them. Now note this loud and clear THIS IS MY OPINION DO NOT ATTACK ME. The traits of the bad guy might be spontaneity, confidence, good looking, probably arrogance and to some extent control, and girls like things like that. It gives you this "wooey" feeling in your stomach but the nice guy, he's calm, he's quiet, he wants to make her happy so he lets her have her way most times. Sooner or later she's gonna start disrespecting him and then she's gonna take over wearing the pants in the relationship and wa bam! she's gonna be moonwalking all over his ass. So maybe we shouldn't say girls go for the 'bad guys' but they go for the guys with those characters.

Don't get me wrong not all girls make this decision but majority do. And I know it may sound unfair but sometimes it isn't just the girl who wants the bad guy but he needs her because maybe just MAYBE she might be the one to change him. Like Delena :)

And I found the perfect Delena video xxx

*Sigh* I totally started blabbing along the way, err who cares, it's my blog :P but yeah I was just sharing a thought. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pata Pata

So I've decided to get back in shape and I've been working out. Today I did Wii, no strength to go out running. Finally took my Just Dance 3 out of it's case and tried it on. Gotta say I burnt more calories doing that than running, boy did I move my body. This happened to be my favourite work out and the song is just so catchy. Had to go buy it off iTunes, might just be my new ringtone. I've uploaded it on my blog for y'al to dance to. Enjoy

Sunday, 9 September 2012

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19

I've been squealing in my bed since the return of the fabulous ANTM but imagine my joy when I saw Rob Evans as the new judge on the show. He is just HAWT *phew* like greek sex god hot and when he speaks, he takes lust to a whole new level. Okay now get a grip on yourself. Love the College idea, it's quite refreshing and the contestants are a bunch of characters, of couse what do you expect when you put a number of not just strangers but girls for that matter in a house to live together? We're gonna be in for a drama packed season from loud girls to cry babies to arrogant ladies. Not here to judge anyone so moving on....

The new episode; the girl who wants out where Maria leaves makes me question the fairness of the world. Would you just take a look at all that? what sane girl wouldn't want to pose nude with this hunk? I loved the nude shoot, it was erotic and I would say the perfect timing with all the 50 shades of grey madness going on around the world right now.

My favourite shots have to be from

Brittany: The perfect sub urban wife gone rogue...

Victoria: Uh-oh mama's gotta watch her little girl. Her good girl is about to go bad.

Natasia: Look at that mane. Work it gurl!

Allysa: hmmm hmmm hmmm if Megan Fox and J.Lo had a child together *sigh*

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The battlefield of the mind

You are what you eat... no doubt everyone has heard that line at one point or the other in their lives right? Anyway has anyone ever wondered if the same could be said for our thoughts? 'You are what you think'?

The mind; it's a tricky part of the body, so powerful just like the tongue, indeed both are connected, how? your thoughts become your words and in some cases your actions. I can't say for others but in my mind it's a battlefield, like world war battlefield. A constant stand off between happy thoughts, angry thoughts, depressed thoughts, lustful thoughts, name it, it's all there. I have one hell of a creative mind you wouldn't believe the jargons going through it. In life you can let your circumstances define you or you can define your circumstances. How do you do that? it all starts in the mind. How do you feel about it? What are your thoughts about that particular situation? your attitude stems from your mind. If the human was to be compared to a plant, the mind would be the roots. Out of the roots grow the stem (attitude) and the flowers (outcome/decisions). May sound like a silly metaphor but I believe that if we change the way we think it would make life a whole lot easier for a lot of people. A wise woman once said 'you have to think on purpose', because let's face it you can't have positive thoughts all the time but you can choose your thoughts, you can choose that which you want to spend more time pondering on. When the angry thoughts seep in try to conjure up happy thoughts and with a lot of practise you would eventually get the hang of it. Misery is an option and darling if you choose that I'm afraid I wouldn't be around to be your company :)

Indeed you are what you think. So if you think strong, positive, happy thoughts you will eventually grow to be the image of your thoughts.

"If you don't like something, change it
  If you can't change it, change your attitude"
                                    Maya Angelou

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Is it possible to be with someone and see right through them? See right through their pains and suffering? Are we so ignorant today that we don't take time to ask how people are feeling, like really feeling? Have social networks and technology replaced the real values behind friendship and true love? I know how much it hurts to be around soo many people and still feel lonely... It's an empty feeling. Someone once told me that she never sowed her true feelings cause no one cares anymore and if they do then you should be wary of their motives. And I don't blame her, the people with the problems either have no one to talk to or are to scared of what society would make of them.

I pray God gives us true friends who see right past our 'facade', our fake smiles and automated 'I'm fine' response.


My 20th Birthday in Pictures

Pictures from my birthday

Probably my best birthday yet, yuo it was that good. Food, Friends  and Laughter, no better way to spend your special day.


Back from the dead

I know it's been a while since i last posted something and I'm sorry I've just been feeling a little disconnected of late. 

Anyways my birthday was last week friday, yaaaaay me. I had a good time. Being the centre of attention for a whole day was an amazing feeling. Soo much love from even people who on a normal day don't like me much (LOL). 

2 decades on this earth. I've learnt soo much this past year, with every passing day I grew. Each day I learn more about myself and the world I live in. My 19th year was well less dramatic than my 18th. Thank God for that. Did I still make stupid decisions? Hell yes. But what's life without mistakes to learn from? All I can say is I'm grateful I made it to my 20th, even though my last few days of 19 were a bit rough. Those really close to me would know why, I refused to let that define me, so I took control and chose to see that as a blessing in disguise. 

Here's to a new year on this earth, here's to better decisions in the future, here's to happiness, love, hope, faith, patience and everything good. Would post pictures up soon.