Saturday, 8 September 2012

The battlefield of the mind

You are what you eat... no doubt everyone has heard that line at one point or the other in their lives right? Anyway has anyone ever wondered if the same could be said for our thoughts? 'You are what you think'?

The mind; it's a tricky part of the body, so powerful just like the tongue, indeed both are connected, how? your thoughts become your words and in some cases your actions. I can't say for others but in my mind it's a battlefield, like world war battlefield. A constant stand off between happy thoughts, angry thoughts, depressed thoughts, lustful thoughts, name it, it's all there. I have one hell of a creative mind you wouldn't believe the jargons going through it. In life you can let your circumstances define you or you can define your circumstances. How do you do that? it all starts in the mind. How do you feel about it? What are your thoughts about that particular situation? your attitude stems from your mind. If the human was to be compared to a plant, the mind would be the roots. Out of the roots grow the stem (attitude) and the flowers (outcome/decisions). May sound like a silly metaphor but I believe that if we change the way we think it would make life a whole lot easier for a lot of people. A wise woman once said 'you have to think on purpose', because let's face it you can't have positive thoughts all the time but you can choose your thoughts, you can choose that which you want to spend more time pondering on. When the angry thoughts seep in try to conjure up happy thoughts and with a lot of practise you would eventually get the hang of it. Misery is an option and darling if you choose that I'm afraid I wouldn't be around to be your company :)

Indeed you are what you think. So if you think strong, positive, happy thoughts you will eventually grow to be the image of your thoughts.

"If you don't like something, change it
  If you can't change it, change your attitude"
                                    Maya Angelou

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