Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Careful What You WIsh For

Just like every other daughter, I like asking my dad for things because well I'm daddy's girl (just kidding). But I do and it makes me a happy bunny when he gives me what I want. So earlier this year when I asked God for patience it was no surprise that He; my heavenly father was willing to give me exactly what I NEEDED.

Remember the title of this post is "Careful what you wish for" right? Well imagine my disappointment when I did not wake up the next morning feeling like a different person or the one after that and on and on. Instead what I got was a number of tests being sent my way to see if I could exercise patience. UGH! No No, God isn't omniscient for no reason, He wasn't just going to instal patience in me and move on like that, No, I had to earn it -_-. He decided to test me in order for me to learn how to be patient. And believe me this I was not ready for any of that (mentally). I would tell you what some of these tests were/are, but it's a bit too personal in some cases.

Has it been easy? No. I can't even tell you how many times I've been tempted to give up and lose it. Like run down the street screaming in people's faces or probably playing the psycho ex and smashing up the house but I can't and I won't. Patience like love is a very key principle in life, more so if you're a woman. That's how I see it. Because there are soo many things people go through in life that honestly if you just don't have the patience you won't survive them at all. At some point in our lives everyone's patience is gonna be tested, like it or not. And it's really a bonus if, when that day comes you're ready and prepared to not lose it but breath and stay calm.

Am I still being tested? hell yeah. Infact I am currently undergoing probably the hardest test so far and some days I just want to take back my words and go back to not being so patient. Unfortunately what's been said has been said and I must deal with the consequences. Needless to say I shall not be asking for more than I can handle from here on.  I guess all I'm trying to say is

Don't ask for patience if you're not willing to stand the test!

Keep Calm and Be Patient. Okay rambling over, it's time for bed.


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