Sunday, 21 October 2012

Don't go searching

Why do single ladies dress up to go look for their 'prince charming'. I understand that Disney and Hollywood have marred our expectation of love and now every woman thinks there's that one prince charming out there for her.

But do we really have to go searching ourselves for him? I don't remember Snow White dressing up to go search for him, then again she was poisoned. And some of you might use Cinderella to counter argue my point but really she didn't go with the intention of getting him to fall in love with her. She just really wanted to attend the ball and have a good time for once in her life. And I guess the ending justifies my argument; he went out to search for her and he found her.

Can't we just let him find us? Why stress yourself going out to that bar just because you think you would find a potential prince charming. I mean go through that whole stress of putting on make up, wearing 5 inch heels and squeezing into a dress  one size smaller, in the hope that maybe just maybe he might be at that social event?

You always find the wrong sh*t when you go looking.

1 comment:

  1. I sorta agree that it makes women look desperate when they keep turning up at social events just to get a boyfriend or husband.