Monday, 1 October 2012

In My Shoes

Let's reverse roles for a minute
Take a walk in my shoes
See if they fit
Feel how they hurt?
Well they are nothing compared to how much my heart bleeds for you
Why you hurt me so, I'll never know
Is it all a joke to you? I'll never know

Run a mile in my shoes
Tell me how that feels
When I kiss you and hurt you at the same time
Tell me if that feels good
Look you deep in your eyes
and take you swimming in an ocean of lies
and watch you drown with every deceit

How can you hold my hand
and lead me down the path to my own destruction?
So go on, why don't we dance in my shoes
It takes two to tango they say
Why don't I spin you around
Twirl you around in betrayal
Round and round till you break

Let's switch roles for a minute
Walk a mile in my shoes and
Maybe just maybe you'll get a taste of your own medicine.

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