Friday, 12 October 2012

Sandwiches, Men and Love.

I think I probably just had the best lunch ever this year. Not cause the sandwich I was eating was scrumptiously delicious but because of the deep conversation I was having with Sarah. At first it started out as her telling me about this lady who walked up to her and told her to never leave a good man even if he cheated on her. Which of course she disagreed on. So we got into talking about men, relationships and faithfulness. And I said well maybe certain women should try harder and give their men "everything" he's looking for at home so he doesn't go looking elsewhere. Her reply and I quote; 'You can give a man the world and he would still look elsewhere'. OUCH! There goes some hope that your man wouldn't cheat on you (lol). Guess she was speaking from personal experience. But she made this comparison of men and why they cheat to women and the numerous pairs of shoes we have. She said "we don't go out to buy a new pair of shoes because the ones at home are bad, it's just cause greed". Hmmmm

Well she goes on to add that really women should be more concerned about how to react when it does happen, if it does happen and stop pretending that it won't happen. Anyways, somewhere along the line we switched from that to dating older and younger men. Personally I've never dated an older man before and it is on my bucket list because I do wanna know what it feels like. So she had the upper hand in this discussion. According to her dating an older man is safe, you don't argue and the relationship lasts longer. However the gap sort of strains your relationship because "They live off your youth and you live up to their age". She said she isn't much a fan of older guys because like it's safe and there's no fire. There isn't that wild passionate love you get with younger guys, no arguing and making up about it later. And as a young girl she doesn't want to mature that fast and miss out on all that passion. Guess I could agree to that point a bit, it does get you thinking doesn't it? Bet you wish you were at our lunch :p.

We did agree that at some point in a woman's life she may want an older man because he's more experienced and really she's tired of the bullshit younger men put her through. Even if older men are safer, they know what they want, they know how to treat women right, right? (atleast that's what the movies lead us to believe, then again hollywood is far from the real world). It was a really interesting lunch, laughing and making plans about the future. But it left me thinking, is dating older guys really that safe? don't they have some passion left in them? Would you rather marry an older guy or just date one? Would you want a Carrie Bradshaw-Mr Big marriage? Do you think men cheat cause they are greedy?

Okay gotta get back to studying. Toodles,

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