Sunday, 28 October 2012


Sometimes a girl just needs to get away
Let her hair loose and take a drive to nowhere
While the wind sifts through her hair
And she listens to music on the stereo

Sometimes a girl just needs a bath
Soothing music in the background
And scented candles around
Just because she needs to relax

Sometimes a girl just needs to cry
And let her frustration all out
Because she's tired of being
So damn strong all the time

Sometimes a girl needs to have a cheat weekend
With all the sugar and carbs in the world
And no one judging her
While she reclines in her sofa watching T.V

Sometimes a girl needs to run free
Wild into the sunset
Let her inner child come alive
Because life is too short

And most times a girl just really needs to be
Shut the world out and be...


  1. This girl right here would love to take a vacation by the beach, get away from the horrid wet weather.

    1. Ooh take me with you. I'm going to pack a suitcase now :D